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We love snacks, from salty to sweet, and in more forms and varieties than you can count. And all of them can be enjoyed using innovative flexible packaging, which offer numerous benefits to consumers, as well as the ability to carry vibrant, eye-catching designs that highlight your brand and messaging. So our teams have collaborated to develop solutions designed to maintain and deliver maximum snack-ability.

  • E-Z SnackPak®

    Created for the single-serve snack food market, our tetrahedron-shaped pouch transforms into a serving tray upon opening for a unique consumer experience. We specifically engineered the tetrahedron shape to add package support, which provides product protection during shipping and handling. The geometric design can be packed into a corrugated shipper with an efficient interlocking pattern or displayed in a shelf-ready carton at point-of-sale — so your product really stands out. This innovative format also uses up to 25% less packaging than other formats because our unique seal method improves the product-to-package ratio.


    We're proud to be a leader in the stand-up pouch market, producing structures with a wide range of sealant resins and coextrusion variations to package various snack foods. We offer tandem extrusion, adhesive laminating, metalizing and printing capabilities. Our expert teams can design these structures to be simple three-ply laminations, and four-ply or five-ply multilayer substrates can be delivered with or without printing.

    Our PRO-POUCH line combines strong seal characteristics with powerful visual capabilities to uniquely serve your needs. The stand-up pouches that we've developed contain a fitment and take advantage of our HD Flexographic printing capabilities.

    Features include:

    • Excellent seals and puncture properties
    • Strong organoleptic properties

    Learn more about our expertise in pouching.

  • PRO-VUE Shield™

    Our "first to market" clear high-barrier extrusion lamination delivers the performance of PVdC-coated PET, metalized and EVOH sealants at cost savings. Branded PRO-VUE Shield, this new extrusion lamination offers a clear VUE for the consumer while providing high-barrier product protection. Our teams have designed it to be suitable for snacks like nuts and trial mix, and provides us with a product platform that is applicable across dry food and dairy markets targeted for high-barrier, gas-flushable structure requirements.

  • PRO-LockNPeel™

    We've engineered a lamination that delivers Over the Mountain (OTM) lock-up seal performance with a peelable top seal. LockNPeel enhances the retail consumer experience by providing an easy-open, hermetically sealed package with superior shelf appearance.

    Features include:

    • VFFS (Vertical Form-Fill-Seal) quad seal bag or traditional pillow bag applications
    • Excellent operational efficiency with minor tooling modification (demonstrated improved line performance vs. competitive structure)
    • Available in 2-ply and 3-ply laminations

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