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While some consumers may consider yard work a chore, others take the health and appearance of their greenspace very seriously – their lawns and gardens reflect the pride they feel in their homes. This varying consumer interest in yard care has impacted the premiumization of lawn and garden products and packaging. Let ProAmpac find the right bag to support your brand.


Our premium QUADFLEX packaging solution, this quad-seal design, provides ideal shape, strength, and shelf presence - along with plenty of space for branding. Great for all of your pet food and lawn & garden needs.

Features include:

  • Ultimate branding with flat or fold-over bottom styles to maximize billboard on store shelf display
  • Window options are available for enhanced product visibility
  • Combine our award-winning HD flexo printing with soft matte, matte and gloss finishes for added shelf appeal
  • Variety of easy open accessibility and re-close options
  • Quad-seal strength and custom barrier properties to provide dimensional stability and protection throughout the entire supply chain
  • Available in both standard or recyclable formats that are pre-qualified for in-store drop-off
  • 2 lb to 50 lb capacity

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Heavy Duty Bags
Heavy Duty Bags

When you need a durable packaging solution take a look at our heavy duty flexible packaging options. They provide the benefits of UV and water-based inks, and are a cost-effective option that is rugged, and designed to withstand the environmental rigors of outside displays and storage. As an industry leader in heavy duty films, bags and rollstock, ProAmpac offers multi-layer extrusion, both water-based and UV process printing and overcoats, and the most advanced conversion equipment in the United States.

ProAmpac has been recognized for its award-winning graphics; let us help you from art concept to final packaging design.

  • Centerfold rollstock and sheeting
    • Our EZ seal film is engineered for all horizontal and vertical form, fill and seal packaging equipment, which improves efficiency and productivity
  • Open mouth bags
    • Used for manual filling operations
    • With or without gussets
    • EZ Carry die-cut handle options available
    • Document pockets can be added

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Compressed Bale Packaging
Compressed Bale Packaging

ProAmpac's Compressed Bale Packaging offers a high-performance solution for various applications, including soil blends, peat moss, and wood shavings.  The film blend forms a robust seal on the exterior, effectively guarding against gusset-seal point failures and eliminating the need for skip treatment.  The lower seal initiation temperature also reduces heat requirements during the packaging process to improve operational steps overall.


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Our ShakerPAK line is a patented, resealable, self-dispensing package solution for dry lawn and garden products. We can custom-design the perforated, expandable bottom gusset to dispense a specific size of powder or granular content. By shaking the pouch, the product is dispensed through accurately engineered perforations —  consumers never need to handle the product. In addition to our patented delivery system, ShakerPAK can also incorporate an easy-carry handle, a resealable zipper for multi-use applications and high-quality print in a unique attention-getting pouch that truly highlights your brand.

  • Easy handling
  • No need to touch product
  • Patented dispensing system integrated
  • Reclosable / multiple usage
  • Stands upright at the point of sale
  • Enough space for customer communication

ProActive Renewable
ProActive Renewable

ProActive Renewable are products made from a bio-based resin such as corn or sugarcane. Bio-resins generally reduce carbon footprint* and support a circular economy. ProAmpac has renewable options available including large format bags for the lawn and garden market and these options may also be included in the PE sealant layers of rollstock and premade pouches.

Feature & Benefits

  • Excellent gloss and clarity
  • Reduces carbon footprint (plants absorb CO2 during growth)
  • Good solution for incorporating sustainable material in either mono-layer bags or multi-layer films with PE
  • Available with up to 90% renewable resin in mono-material polyethylene structures
  • Renewable content may be included in ProActive Recyclable and/or ProActive PCR products

Available Formats

  • Standard spouts and reclose features
  • Standard barrier, high barrier and metallized
  • Surface print or reverse print lamination
  • Signature Surfaces tactile enhancements

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Large Format Liners and Covers
Large Format Liners and Covers

ProAmpac has extensive expertise producing large format, high strength liners and covers for a variety of food and non-food applications. ProAmpac has established a unique reputation with our customers for superior customer service, high quality performance, and technical support.

Our resin blends have been designed for high strength general purpose use in industrial and heavy-duty applications with variations in clarity and color applications available.

  • Gauges 1.25 to 6 Mil (depending on liner size)
  • 6- and 12-month UV shelf-life protection options
  • Food applications:  all structures are FDA compliant
  • Assorted color and clarity options
  • Unprinted

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