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Dairy Packaging Solutions

Other than the cow, there's no one who knows how to store dairy better than us! We happily support the dairy market with the latest in packaging, lidding and pouching products. Our teams have designed films specifically for dairy featuring high-definition flexo printing, two-dimensional laser scoring for easy opening and readiness for high-speed filling.

  • Foil

    The perfect packaging solution for bouillon stock cubes, butter, margarine, dripping, and any oil-based solid products.

    ProAmpac's aluminium packaging provides a complete, impermeable barrier, protecting the integrity and improving the shelf life of sensitive products in a highly sustainable manner.  The foil has a strong flexible bond that will not delaminate, or curl as there is no inbuilt stress with the process. Our embossing process has been developed to give the best dead fold possible due to its mechanical properties. This in combination with very controlled slip value, ensures our foil runs smoothly, without issue on packing machines.

    We use solventless adhesives as part of the makeup of the product which assists in generating excellent migration results. Our foil has been developed to be environmentally highly efficient, the low pack weight therefore a much lower energy usage during distribution therefore reducing the carbon footprint.

  • Parchment Paper

    Great for wrapping food, ProAmpac’s parchment paper can be used on its own or in conjunction with waxed paper, aluminum foil or other packaging materials. Made from renewable materials, our parchment paper is grease and moisture resistant and also has excellent dead fold properties.

  • PRO-FLEX Cheese Films

    Our PRO-FLEX films are specifically designed to support the needs of the natural chunk, retail shred and institutional shred cheese packaging markets.

    All PRO-FLEX films include the following features:

    • High-definition flexo printing
    • Two-dimensional laser scoring for easy opening
    • Film designed for high-speed filling

    Natural Chunk Cheese Packaging

    Our film — designed for high-speed applications and suitable for re-closable zipper applications — includes low-temperature sealant for high-speed horizontal applications and offers a high-barrier structure for modified atmosphere packaging.

    Features include:

    • Nylon outer that provides outstanding flex cracking and puncture-resistant properties
    • Excellent seal/hot tack properties
    • Outstanding machinability

    Bulk Shredded Cheese Packaging

    The PRO-FLEX film for 5-, 10- and 15-pound shred cheese is an abuse-resistant packaging film designed for bulk shredded cheese. This film has excellent hot tack properties for high-speed applications.

    Features include:

    • Excellent caulking
    • Outstanding flex crack resistance

    Retail Shred Cheese Packaging

    Our award-winning HD flexographic printing ensures that your brand stands out on the shelf. We offer easy-open applications with in-house laser scoring, as well as re-sealable applications, including zippers.

    Features include:

    • Excellent seal/hot tack properties
    • Exceptional flex crack resistance
  • Lidding Solutions


    • PRO-PEEL peelable lidding - Peels off easily and cleanly
    • PRO-SEAL lock seal – Ultimate in seal strength
    • Aluminum and plastic film options
    • Available to seal to multiple container types
      • Including HDPE, PP, PET, PS
    • Fully customizable
      • Variety of shapes
      • Variety of sizes
      • Available formats: Roll-fed or die-cut/embossed
      • Varying embossing patterns and rim embossing available

    Daisy Chain Lidding 

    Time-crunched consumers are demanding products designed for convenience. Our product, sometimes called "Daisy Chain" offer lidding solutions for virtually of portion pack application. Whether you produce creamers, dipping sauce, butter, or dressings, we can convert the perfect printed daisy chain lid or unprinted daisy chain structure for you. ProAmpac offers daisy chain lidding in roll-form at various widths and in a wide range of structures including multilayered material of aluminum, polyester and paper/polyesters.

    Learn more about our expertise in lidding.

  • PRO-POUCH® Stand-Up Pouches

    Our innovative PRO-POUCH products are the perfect pouch solutions for your yogurt & dairy applications. Pouch options include fitments, closures, custom shapes and custom sizes. These spouts and closures are engineered to allow for spill control, convenience, enhanced consumer experience and food safety.

    Our manufacturing centers of excellence are IMS certified and offer adhesive lamination capability in addition to extrusion-laminated products. Access to both technologies enables us to specify ideal laminations for retort, hot fill, HPP or aseptic processing. Further, our teams have designed these laminations for optimum performance on Ultra Clean/3A form, fill, seal machines.

    Learn more about our expertise in pouching.

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