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ProActive Renewable

ProActive Renewable are products made from a bio-based resin such as corn or sugarcane. Bio-resin has a negative carbon footprint* to continuously support our customer's sustainable initiatives and a circular economy model. ProAmpac has renewable options available including large format bags for the lawn and garden market and these options may also be included in the PE sealant layers of rollstock and premade pouches.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent gloss and clarity
  • Reduces carbon footprint (plants absorb C02 during growth)
  • Good solution for incorporating sustainable material in either mono-layer bags or multi-layer films with PE
  • Available with up to 90 percent renewable resin in mono-material polyethylene structures
  • Renewable content may be included in ProActive Recyclable and/or ProActive PCR products

Available Formats

  • Standard spouts and reclose features
  • Standard barrier, high barrier and metallized
  • Surface print or reverse print lamination
  • Signature Surfaces surface modifications


  • Suitable for all market segments that utilize PE sealants
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pet Food & Treats
  • Home, Health, Beauty
  • Lawn & Garden
*The data in this sell sheet references the life cycle assessment of Braskem 's I'm Green PE conducted by the British consulting firms E4tech and LCAworks, results released in 2017, indicating the product "captures 3,09 kilograms of C02 from the air with each kilogram produced, and Green EVA captures 2,51 kilograms of C02 from the air with each kilogram produced The product's negative footprint also reflects the characteristics of Brazil's sugarcane and ethanol industry."

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