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When treating our pets to a special snack, it is important that the smell, texture and flavor are scrumptious. Packaging is key in ensuring treats are extra special and not bland and boring. ProAmpac’s pouches, bags and rollstock options keep treats fresh and our award-winning printing offers brands a unique look on the shelf.

Advanced Materials for pet food products
Advanced Materials for pet food products

ProAmpac is at the cutting edge of materials science and implementing the latest technology into our packaging.

Our rollstock products using both conventional and sustainable structures have been tested successfully on vertical, horizontal, and flow wrap lines from numerous machine manufactures. We strive to design our materials to drop in and run as well as possible. Rest assured our packaging will provide the right product protection and stand out on the shelf with brilliant graphics.

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Sized for smaller portions and portability, these multiwall self-opening square bags open easily and stand upright. The MINI delivers a consistent look on the store shelf combined with the larger format PRO-EVO Classic or Premium multiwall pet food bags.

Capacity of 5 oz-13 lbs

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ProAmpac's high-performance pouches are ideal for dry food. We offer stand-up pouches, three-side seal pouches and custom shapes and sizes to boost your brand.  Closures and fitments allow for spill control, enhanced consumer convenience, and increased food safety.

Features include:

  • Customer convenience features:  Easy open, linear tear and reclosability
  • Zippers for dry or retort products
  • Fitments, caps and handle options
  • HD Flexo and Rotogravure Printing with Signature Surface Enhancements available
  • Customizable to fit your needs for shapes, gussets and seals, clear or foil, multiple compartments, stand-up or flat, minimizing seals and windows

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Our premium QUADFLEX packaging solution, this quad-seal design, provides ideal shape, strength, and shelf presence - along with plenty of space for branding. Great for all of your pet food and lawn & garden needs.

Features include:

  • Ultimate branding with flat or fold-over bottom styles to maximize billboard on store shelf display
  • Window options are available for enhanced product visibility
  • Combine our award-winning HD flexo printing with soft matte, matte and gloss finishes for added shelf appeal
  • Variety of easy open accessibility and re-close options
  • Quad-seal strength and custom barrier properties to provide dimensional stability and protection throughout the entire supply chain
  • Available in both standard or recyclable formats that are pre-qualified for in-store drop-off
  • 2 lb to 50 lb capacity

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QuadFlex LT is a great option for a cost-effective quad-sealed bag. This all polyethylene bag is a great way to transition from paper into durable plastic packaging that offers superior product protection and an attractive design that maximizes branding space with side-gussets and four printable panels.

  • Conventional or recyclable structures
  • Structures available that are pre-qualified for in-store drop off through polyethylene recycling streams
  • Designed for efficient performance on automated filling and palletization equipment
  • Economical packaging solution available in a wide range of sizes (up to 50lbs)
  • Suited for both e-commerce and retail channels
  • Optional top handle for consumer convenience
  • Maximum branding space with four printable panels
  • HD Flexographic printing
  • Signature Surface enhancements enable both matte and gloss finishes

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ProActive Recyclable R-2200D Easy-Peel Open
ProActive Recyclable R-2200D Easy-Peel Open

ProActive Recyclable® R-2200D Easy-PeelOpen offers consumers a hassle-free opening experience with optimum peelable sealant technology. It is available in three barrier platforms; standard barrier, high barrier, and ultra-high barrier, all of which are pre-qualified for store drop off recycling. This patent-pending, high-performance polyethylene based recyclable film is available in rollstock. It is specifically designed to run at high-speed form/fill/sealing equipment.

  • R-2200D Easy-Peel Open sealant technology allows for a clean opening experience for consumers
  • Pre-qualified for store drop-off  recycling
  • Superior heat resistance ideal for high-speed filling
  • Very high clarity for optimal product visibility
  • A range of barrier properties available to suit even the most sensitive products
  • Available in high puncture resistance structures
  • Available in gloss or registered matte

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QUADFLEX® Recyclable is a 100% recyclable, polyethylene-based, quad-seal pouch that combines the benefits of ProAmpac’s durable QUADFLEX® format with the best of the ProActive Recyclable® film structures.

  • Pouch sizes range between 1kg - 15kgs of product
  • Pre-qualified for in-store drop-off through polyethylene recycling streams
  • Outstanding shelf presence with four-panel layout for branding
  • Perforation options available
  • Excellent heat resistance & seal appearance
  • Fills and seals like a conventional laminate
  • Gloss or matte finish (option for both in register)
  • Clear window or side gussets available for product visibility
  • Standard & high-barrier options

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Rollstock and Pouches with Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCR)
Rollstock and Pouches with Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCR)

ProActive PCR enables post-consumer recycled content (PCR) to be included in various laminated and mono-material constructions in rollstock and pre-made pouches and bags. ProActive PCR furthers corporate sustainability objectives by reducing virgin material use and supports the circular economy.

  • Available in various percent-contents
  • Complaint with UK Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT)
  • Standard and high barrier options available
  • Optional with standard spouts and reclose features
  • Same performance and graphic capabilities as non-PCR pouches
  • Excellent linear tear performance
  • Available with Signature Surfaces:  Paper Touch, Soft Touch Matte, and Registered Matte

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QUADFLEX Recyclable
QUADFLEX Recyclable

Recyclable Premium Packaging

QUADFLEX® Recyclable is a patented 100% recyclable, polyethylene-based, quad-seal pouch that combines the benefits of ProAmpac’s durable QUADFLEX® format with the best of the ProActive Recyclable® film structures. The resulting package is the perfect solution for pet care applications. 

Features include:

  • Holds up to 10lbs of product
  • Five Panels of billboard space for ultimate branding
  • High Quality Graphics in surface or reverse print
  • Enhanced Shelf Presence with a flat bottom structure that has quad-seals for excellent shape and stability
  • Option for clear side gussets providing product visibility
  • Convenience & Product Freshness with easy-open / reclose features
  • Customized Barrier Protection Available

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ProActive Recyclable Pouches
ProActive Recyclable Pouches

Whether you are packaging dry food, treats, or other pet care products, ProAmpac offers a customized recyclable solution with our ProActive Recyclable® Pouches.

ProActive Recyclable® Pouches are designed to be a drop-in replacement for conventional films. Designed with unique performance characteristics, these pouches are available premade or as rollstock that has been proven to run at high speeds on form/fill/seal equipment.

Recyclable Options:

ProActive Recyclable R-2000D Series

R-2000D is a patent-pending polyethylene-based structure designed to replace conventional multi-material laminates. Available in standard, high barrier and ultra-high-barrier R-2000D extends the shelf-life of dry products. Both standard and high-barrier platforms have been tested and pre-qualified for polyethylene store-drop-off recycling.

R-2000D offers oustanding clarity, high drop resistance, excellent stiffness and dimpling resistance for a premium shelf appearance. It provides clean directional tear without the need for laser scoring. The R-2050D variant is available in both North America and Europe.

R-2100 offers the same great features of R-2000D with the addition of improved puncture resistance for treats or other products with harder edges.



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