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Dry Pet Food

Dry kibble is a staple of our pets' diets. Keeping that kibble fresh and appetizing is our specialty. Our expert teams have developed a variety of solutions for everything from PRO-DURA® polywoven durable bags to small treat pouches. Simply reach out to us with your product packaging needs, and we'll keep you from barking up the wrong tree.


ProAmpac’s PRO-EVO pet food packaging transforms our fiber-based multiwall bags into the next evolution of paper/polymer packaging, recyclable solutions and more. These innovations support the shifting dynamic of pet food premiumization.

  • PRO-EVO™ Classic

    PRO-EVO Classic provides outstanding value for your pet food brand with eye-catching graphics and superior product protection. Multiwall paper bags are made from fiber-based renewable resources.

  • PRO-EVO™ Premium

    PRO-EVO Premium offers an economical multiwall solution to premium pet food packaging.

    • Premium laminate exterior for enhanced shelf presence
    • Strong and resilient film exterior provides durable packaging protection through out supply chain
    • Utilizes multiwall filling equipment.
  • PRO-EVO™ Mini

    PRO-EVO MINI, our multiwall self-opening square bags open easily and stand upright. The MINI delivers a consistent look on store-shelf combined with larger format Pro-EVO multiwall pet food bags. Sized for smaller portions and portability.


  • PRO-DURA® Classic

    We're a leader in domestically manufactured woven bags, producing puncture-resistant structures that offer maximum flexibility and reliability for your pet food application. Our PRO-DURA bags feature high-quality graphics, offering the best of both durability and appeal. Plus, we manufacture them in the U.S., meaning reduced lead times, lower shipping costs and greater quality assurance. And of course, our polywoven bags meet FDA and BRC standards.

    Features include:

    • Available in Standard or Lightweight woven
    • Gloss or matte exterior finish
    • Convenient easy-open features available
    • Maximize branding space with pinch-bottom design or choose from a variety of close-bottom offerings
    • Available with thermoseal weld for ultimate product protection
    • Medium to Large sized bag formats
    • Recyclable material - 100% Polypropylene
  • PRO-DURA® Premium

    Our PRO-DURA Premium line delivers the affordable, functional durability of our PRO-DURA polywoven bags, but with the premium smooth exterior finish similar to film/laminate bags.

    Features include:

    • Premium laminate film look with smooth matte or glossy finish and high-quality HD graphics
    • Delivers tear-resistant durability and strength
    • Thermoseal weld for ultimate product protection and more bags per pallet than hot melt seal styles
    • Maximize branding space with pinch-bottom design or choose from a variety of close-bottom offerings
    • Recyclable material - 100% Polypropylene
  • PRO-DURA® Mini

    Meet PRO-DURA Mini, the FIRST small woven pet food bag to market.  The MINI delivers a consistent look on store shelf combined with PRO-DURA® large woven pet food bags.  Excellent durability but sized for smaller portions and portability.

    Features include:

    • Provides consistent look on store shelf when combined with PRO-DURA large woven pet food bags
    • Delivers durable, tear-resistant PRO-DURA packaging
    • Available in both Classic and Premium exterior finish in gloss or matte
    • Recyclable material - 100% Polypropylene



    Our Premium pet food packaging solution, this quad-seal design provides ideal shape, strength, and shelf presence - along with plenty of space for branding.

    Features include:

    • Ultimate Branding
      • Flat Bottom and Fold Over Bottom styles maximize branding on store shelf display
    • Award Winning Graphics
      • Combine our HD Flexo printing and graphics with Soft Matte, Matte and Gloss finishes for added shelf appeal
    • Pet Parent Convenience
      • Variety of easy open accessibility and re-close options
    • Strength and Stability
      • Quad-seal strength and custom barrier properties provides dimensional stability and protection throughout the entire supply chain
  • ProActive Recyclable QUADFLEX™

    100% Recyclable Premium Packaging

    ProAmpac introduces the industry's first recyclable PE quad-seal style pouch.

    How2Recycle® approved for in-store drop off.

    The ProActive Recyclable QUADFLEX pouch, a quad-seal flat-bottom format, features five panels of branding billboard space delivering enhanced store shelf presence.

    ProAmpac provides premium packaging innovation, while also increasing your green product portfolio, a trend that will continue to grow as demand for sustainable packaging increases.

    *Packing size range: 2-40lb products

    Features include:

    • 100% Recyclable Packaging, How2Recycle® approved
    • Ultimate Branding
      • Five Panels of billboard space
    • High Quality Graphics
      • Surface or reverse print
    • Enhanced Shelf Presence
      • Flat bottom structure with quad-seals for excellent shape and stability
    • Product Transparancy
      • Option for clear side gussets providing product visibility
    • Convenience & Product Freshness
      • Easy-open / reclose features
    • Customized Barrier Protection Available

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