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Designed for the future of recycling, ProActive Recycle Ready products are mono-material packaging designed to be recycled when infrastructure is in place.

ProActive Recycle Ready RT4000
ProActive Recycle Ready RT4000

Recycle Ready Retort RT-4000 is a patented polypropylene-based mono-material film that withstands aggressive retort conditions. Available in high and ultra-high barriers, RT-4000 runs on existing equipment while maintaining speed and performance. With an extended shelf life, RT-4000 is a recycle-ready alternative to foil-based packaging suited for pet and human food.

Retort Applications:

  • Wet Pet Food
  • Ready Meals
  • Rice and Rice Medleys

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ProActive Recycle Ready Retort:  RT-3000
ProActive Recycle Ready Retort: RT-3000

Suited for moist and wet pet food applications, ProActive Recycle Ready Retort: RT-3000 pouches are available in both stand-up and three-side seal configurations and are EU and FDA-compliant for food contact in retort applications.

As a patented recycle-ready mono-material, RT-3000 is designed to run at similar filling and processing speeds as current multi-material structures that aren’t recyclable.


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