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Our pets deserve the best. So do you. Our pledge to you is the same we share with our pets – to be the best companions we can be.

Sustainability is a top trend in pet food packaging.  Learn more

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ProAmpac has the broadest product offering for pet food packaging.

Formats include multiwall paper bags, woven bags, flat bottom quad bags, pouches, and roll stock. We have a sustainable packaging solution for each format as well, from recyclable to incorporating post-consumer recycled content (PCR).

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We adore our pets, so it's a labor of love to engineer packaging solutions that keep food and treats fresh and tasty.

Pet food packaging has become increasingly important for companies looking to capture brand loyalty and market share. We recognize these needs and answer with superior packaging that will help your pet products stand out from the rest.

ProAmpac is your companion in sustainability packaging. With multiple options to increase the sustainable qualities of our packaging, ProAmpac delivers high performance products that include stand-up pouches, quad seal pouches, and rollstock for form/fill/seal applications, all of which are pre-qualified for store drop-off PE recycling streams and OPRL Compliant.

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ProAmpac Showcases Expanded Sustainable Packaging Solutions at Petfood Forum 2024
Apr 23, 2024 Events
ProAmpac Showcases Expanded Sustainable Packaging Solutions at Petfood Forum 2024
Love your pet day!
Feb 20, 2024 What's New
Love your pet day!
Award winning QUADFLEX
Jan 10, 2024 What's New
Award winning QUADFLEX


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