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Our pets deserve the best. So do you.

We collaborate with you to produce high quality packaging with features that delight consumers.

Our pledge to you is the same we share with our pets—to be the best companions that we can be.


We adore our pets, so it's a labor of love to engineer packaging solutions that put your products in the best light and keep them in the freshest condition.

Pet food and pet care packaging have become increasingly important for companies looking to capture brand loyalty and market share. We recognize these needs and answer with superior packaging that will help your pet products stand out from the rest.

From rollstock and retort pouches to quad-seal, woven polypropylene bags and more, ProAmpac's full suite of flexible pet food products deliver high packaging performance and brand value.

    Pro-Evo Packaging


    The evolution of fiber-based innovative multiwall bags

    Pro-Dura Packaging


    Durable, tear-resistant woven polypropylene bags

    Quadflex Packaging


    Premium quad-seal laminate pouches and bags

    Pro-Pouch Packaging


    Flexible rollstock, stand-up and retort pouches

ProActive Sustainability

Sustainability means being a good neighbor and looking to the future.

We're innovating to bring more responsible materials that perform at a high level to the market place.

Our ProActive Recyclable solutions are unique, high performance products that include stand up pouches, quad seal pouches and rollstock for form/fill/seal applications, all of which are approved by the How2Recycle program.

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