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ProAmpac’s expertly engineered frozen food packaging is designed to endure the stress of cold chain distribution while bringing consumer appeal to the freezer case. Our award-winning HD flexographic print capabilities enable package designs that are visually appealing and differentiated. Our expertise in film extrusion, laminations and venting allows ProAmpac to fully service our frozen food customers.

ProActive Recyclable R-2000 Series
ProActive Recyclable R-2000 Series

The ProActive Recyclable R-2000 series is a patented PE-based high performance recyclable film. R-2000D is engineered to maintain packaging speeds on form/fill/seal equipment. This recyclable film offers a low seal initiation temperature while creating hermetic seals. The R-2000 series has very high clarity, very good drop strength, and excellent directional tear without the need for scoring.


The R-2000D is intended for dry product applications and is available with a standard, high, or ultra-high barrier to protect moisture and oxygen-sensitive products.  The standard and high-barrier offerings are pre-qualified for store drop-off in North America.

Features and benefits:

  • Superior heat resistance for optimal filling speeds and a wide operating window on filling lines
  • Excellent ink protection to withstand even the most rigorous distribution chains
  • High stiffness for enhanced shelf-presence
  • Increased resistance to dimpling vs. non-laminated structures


R-2100 has the same features and benefits as R-2000D but with the added benefit of enhanced puncture resistance. This product is suited for dry product applications like pet treats or salty snacks.


ProActive Recyclable R-2000F is a recyclable film with superior heat resistance designed for frozen food packaging. Using a patent-pending laminated construction, R-2000F is available in rollstock for vertical or horizontal form/fill/seal applications, rollstock with a pre-applied recyclable INNO-LOK® zipper or pre-made pouches with recyclable zippers. Great for frozen fruit, vegetables, potatoes, snacks, appetizers and seafood.


ProActive Recyclable R-2000S is a polyethylene-based film fulfills the market need for a recyclable packaging option that withstands the demands of a microwave heating environment. R-2000S provides superior seal integrity and thermal and dimensional stability for non-fat vegetables. A patent-pending film, R-2000S runs on high-speed form/fill/seal equipment and is pre-qualified for store drop-off recycling.

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ProActive Recyclable R-500F
ProActive Recyclable R-500F

ProActive Recyclable R-500F is a PE-based recyclable film designed with higher stiffness for better shelf presence in frozen food packaging applications. Optimized to run on vertical form/fill/seal equipment, including stand-up pouch and bottom gusset formats, it provides ideal protection during cold chain distribution.

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ProActive Recyclable Paper RP-1000
ProActive Recyclable Paper RP-1000

RP-1000 is the first in a series of curbside recyclable paper-based packaging solutions that are heat-sealable with good moisture barrier and excellent directional tear properties.  An ideal replacement for conventional multi-material laminates, RP-1000 is suited for frozen food applications such as ready-to-eat meals and vegetables and some dry foods. Pre-qualified for curbside recycling, RP-1000 can be recycled in both paper and mixed streams. 

RP-1000 series are available in rollstock, stand up, and three-side seal pouch formats. Using ProAmpac’s award-winning high definition (HD) flexographic printed graphics, RP-1000 is available in natural kraft or bleached versions for brand elevation and customization. 

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QUADFLEX® Recyclable is a 100% recyclable, polyethylene-based, quad-seal pouch that combines the benefits of ProAmpac’s durable QUADFLEX® format with the best of the ProActive Recyclable® film structures.

  • Pouch sizes range between 1kg - 15kgs of product
  • Pre-qualified for in-store drop-off through polyethylene recycling streams
  • Outstanding shelf presence with four-panel layout for branding
  • Perforation options available
  • Excellent heat resistance & seal appearance
  • Fills and seals like a conventional laminate
  • Gloss or matte finish (option for both in register)
  • Clear window or side gussets available for product visibility
  • Standard & high-barrier options

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Rollstock and Pouches with Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCR)
Rollstock and Pouches with Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCR)

ProActive PCR enables post-consumer recycled content (PCR) to be included in various laminated and mono-material constructions in rollstock and pre-made pouches and bags. ProActive PCR furthers corporate sustainability objectives by reducing virgin material use and supports the circular economy.

  • Available in various percent-contents
  • Complaint with UK Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT)
  • Standard and high barrier options available
  • Optional with standard spouts and reclose features
  • Same performance and graphic capabilities as non-PCR pouches
  • Excellent linear tear performance
  • Available with Signature Surfaces:  Paper Touch, Soft Touch Matte, and Registered Matte

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ProActive PIR
ProActive PIR

ProActive PIR Film is ProAmpac’s latest product addition to its ProActive Sustainability® suite. Utilizing 30% in-house post-industrial recycled content, ProActive PIR reel stock film meets UK Plastic Packaging Tax guidelines for tax exemption and is OPRL compliant for front-of-store drop-off. All materials used to produce ProActive PIR film are EU food contact compliant and successfully passed non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) testing.

  • High performance for constant  heat seals vertical form/fill/seal applications
  • Very high Impact Strength
  • Excellent hot tack and seal performance for fast filling speeds
  • Better clarity to give similar appearance to virgin product
  • Lower odour compared to PCR films

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Frozen Food Rollstock
Frozen Food Rollstock

ProAmpac’s expertly engineered frozen food materials are designed to endure the stress of cold chain distribution while bringing consumer appeal to the freezer case.

Surface Printed Frozen Food Packaging

ProAmpac extrudes high-performance multi-layer films for the frozen foods industry, providing an optimal combination of strength and machinability on vertical form/fill/seal machines. With the ability to be surface printed with 10-color high-definition flexographic presses, your frozen food packaging is sure to stand out in the freezer case. Our standard surface-printed films are recyclable and pre-qualify for store drop off collection streams in the US and Canada.

Laminated Frozen Food Packaging

ProAmpac laminated films combine, ten-color flexographic printing with industry-proven sealant layers resulting in high-quality, visually appealing frozen food packaging for vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal applications. Our packaging is suitable for forming a variety of packaging formats including pillow and gusseted pouches. Our frozen food packaging can withstand heavy package weights and have excellent puncture resistance. ProAmpac offers laser and mechanical venting options as well as microwaveable designs which provide consumers additional convenience when preparing frozen foods. Our ProActive PCR offering for frozen food packaging allows for the addition of PCR-PET and PCR-PE to conventional frozen food packaging laminations.

Our ProActive Renewable product line allows bio-based PE to be added to the sealant layer of conventional frozen food packaging laminations.

ProAmpac is an expert in high-performance solventless and solvent laminations to provide optimum graphics and high speed filling capabilities. Laminations can be constructed to withstand microwave conditions, providing consumers additional convenience when preparing frozen foods and sauces.

Pre-applied closures

  • Inno-LOK® - Face-opening zipper is pre-applied to rollstock for easy integration of a reclose feature using current vertical form/fill/seal equipment.
  • Pour & Lok™ - A pre-applied side-mounted reclose feature that enhances the consumer experience by allowing easy pouring and reclosing. Allows for easy integration on vertical form/fill/seal equipment.

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PRO-POUCH Premade Pouches
PRO-POUCH Premade Pouches

ProAmpac is proud to be a leader in the stand-up pouch market offering our PRO-POUCH® solutions as an option for endless applications and markets. Our team of experts can customize your pouch with various film structures, spouts and reclose features to optimize product protection and create an unforgettable consumer experience.

Fitments, Spouts & Closures

ProAmpac developed pouch solutions with spouts, fitments and closures that meet the specifications for a variety of products. Our responsive teams can engineer these spouts and closures to allow for spill control, convenience and food safety, and can be applied to many different pouch design solutions.

Options include:

  • Zippers
  • Press-to-close
  • EZ-Zip
  • Hook and Loop
  • Hook to hook
  • Pour spouts
  • Child-resistant reclosable, easy open (CRREO)

Shaped Pouches

Our flexible shaped pouches can be formed to match brand, function and appeal for a range of packaging applications and markets. We can also include fitments, closures, valves, stand-up capabilities, retort applications and more — each with outstanding print graphics and quality performance.

Beverage & Hot-fill

Our PRO-POUCH® line offers rollstock or converted pouches for beverage applications such as alcohol, hot-fill, HPP or aseptic processing. Further, our teams have designed these laminations for optimum performance on Ultra Clean/3A form, fill, seal machines.

Pouches can be assembled via adhesive or extrusion processes, with and without foil. We'll work with you to meet your product requirements, whether you need small single-use pouches or large-format, high-strength, multiple-use pouches.  Features include:

  • Varying stiffness, offering a robust touch with strong seal attributes to ensure seal security
  • Superior organoleptic properties for cases where dryness, moisture and stale-fresh factors are considerations
  • Availability in white-opaque and clear (and of different thicknesses) to support your branding and product requirements

Inverted Pouches

Inverted pouches have grown in many food applications, specifically for spreads that have moved into flexible packaging. The combination of reduced shipping cost and container weight as well as the consumer's ability to be able to ensure all the product can be squeezed out with ease makes this format ideal for many applications.


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Food Wraps - Foil
Food Wraps - Foil

The perfect packaging solution for bouillon stock cubes, butter, margarine, dripping, and any oil-based solid products.

ProAmpac's foil packaging provides a complete, impermeable barrier for a variety of fresh packed stick or chuck butters.  Our unique aluminum structure is made without intentionally adding per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), and protects product integrity and improves shelf-life.  The foil has a strong flexible bond that will not delaminate, or curl as there is no inbuilt stress with the process. Our embossing process has been developed to give the best dead fold possible due to its mechanical properties. This in combination with very controlled slip value, ensures our foil runs smoothly, without issue on packing machines.

We use solventless adhesives as part of the makeup of the product which assists in generating excellent migration results. Our foil has been developed to be environmentally highly efficient, using lower energy during distribution therefore reducing the carbon footprint.


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Food Wraps - Parchment Paper
Food Wraps - Parchment Paper

Great for wrapping food, ProAmpac’s parchment paper can be used on its own or in conjunction with waxed paper, aluminum foil or other packaging materials. Made from renewable materials without intentionally adding per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), our parchment paper is grease and moisture resistant and also has excellent dead fold properties.

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Food Wraps - PRO-WRAP® Freezer Wrap
Food Wraps - PRO-WRAP® Freezer Wrap

ProAmpac manufactures a complete line of poly-coated freezer wrap grades specifically designed to protect food against freezer burn damage. Our PRO-WRAP freezer paper is available in bleached, natural and color formats. Industry-leading brands choose our freezer wraps to provide wrapping for fresh meats, poultry, fish, cheeses and more.

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Gel Ice Film
Gel Ice Film

ProAmpac’s high-performance Gel Ice Film is proven to perform in applications where cold chain preservation is crucial.  Engineered with a wide operating window in form/fill/seal operations, ProAmpac Gel Ice Film is tough and puncture resistant to withstand even the most aggressive shipping conditions.  ProAmpac’s vertical integration allows full control of film extrusion and printing, providing you the highest quality available in the industry.  With multiple manufacturing locations we can easily service your growing gel ice needs.


  • Printed or unprinted rollstock


  • Gel ice packages for a variety of cold-chain applications including for meal kit delivery, home grocery delivery and pharmaceuticals

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Pressure Sensitive Labels
Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels (PSL) consist of printed material with an adhesive coating on one side for instant application.  Depending on the product, application and desired aesthetic PSLs require specific materials.  ProAmpac’s PSLs cover a wide variety of markets, including food-safe labels printed with the highest level of food safety and quality (SQF) and accurate color targeting.

Applications and Capabilities:

  • High Moisture Suitable Labels
    • Applied to both dry and wet products
  • Waterproof
  • Extreme Temperature Suitable Labels
    • Freezer
    • High-heat tolerance
  • Die-cut labels
  • Self-Adhesive Labels
  • Permanent and Removable Labels
  • Stock Labels

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Large Format Liners and Covers
Large Format Liners and Covers

ProAmpac has extensive expertise producing large format, high strength liners and covers for a variety of food and non-food applications. ProAmpac has established a unique reputation with our customers for superior customer service, high quality performance, and technical support.

Our resin blends have been designed for high strength general purpose use in industrial and heavy-duty applications with variations in clarity and color applications available.

  • Gauges 1.25 to 6 Mil (depending on liner size)
  • 6- and 12-month UV shelf-life protection options
  • Food applications:  all structures are FDA compliant
  • Assorted color and clarity options
  • Unprinted

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