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From juice to soup, ProAmpac’s packaging solutions include shaped, spouted, hot-fill and retort pouches to keep your products fresh.

Daisy Chain and Portion Pack Lidding
Daisy Chain and Portion Pack Lidding

Time-crunched consumers are demanding products designed for convenience and daisy chain lidding offers a solution for various portion pack applications. Whether you produce creamers, dipping sauce, butter, or dressings, we can convert the perfect printed daisy chain lid or an unprinted daisy chain structure.

We offer lidding in roll form at various widths and in a wide range of structures, including multi-layered materials of aluminum, polyester and paper/polyesters. 


Die Cut Lidding
Die Cut Lidding

Finished with high-quality graphics, ProAmpac offers foil and film lidding in virtually any shape or size.  With numerous embossing units incorporating various patterns and styles, ProAmpac, offers multiple material structures for various applications.

The super high gloss surface of film lidding brilliantly showcases your graphics. Plastic die-cut lidding allows for 100% in-line metal detection to ensure no contamination of the packed product while in the filling process from machine parts, bolts washers etc. ensuring a safe product is delivered to the consumer every time.

Embossing Patterns
Embossing Patterns

Our variety of embossing units gives you pattern and style choices. Various embossing types include random, pin dot, linen, and custom options.  We offer RIM embossing to help your graphics display nicely on shelves as well as ensure your ability to print on only the required areas. 

Pin dot embossing is much less aggressive on a polyester die-cut lid and is more beneficial than the traditional grub pattern seen on aluminum die-cut lids. The pin dot embossed polyester vastly improves readability, which allows a large amount of information to be legible in a small space on your die-cut lid.

Lidding Film
Lidding Film

With a wide range of lidding solutions, from single to laminate structures, that maintain quality and freshness ProAmpac’s lidding films are a great solution for consumer convenience and functionality.  


  • Peel and reseal options available, great for portion control and convenience
  • Dual-ovenable solutions available
  • Available with modified atmosphere technology to extend shelf-life
  • Sustainable options available
  • Options for low initiation heat sealing capabilities
  • Specialist coatings can be applied such as anti-mist, barrier

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Top Web
Top Web

A functional and convenient packaging format for a wide range of chilled and ambient products.  Ideal for forming/non-forming applications as well as some rigid containers. We offer exceptional barrier films that can be tailored to meet your needs.


  • Peel and reseal options available for portion control and convenience
  • Dual-Ovenable solutions available
  • Available with modified atmosphere technology to extend shelf-life
  • Specialist coatings can be applied such as anti-mist, barrier


ProActive Recycle Ready Retort:  RT-3000
ProActive Recycle Ready Retort: RT-3000

Suited for moist and wet pet food applications, ProActive Recycle Ready Retort: RT-3000 pouches are available in both stand-up and three-side seal configurations and are EU and FDA-compliant for food contact in retort applications.

As a patented recycle-ready mono-material, RT-3000 is designed to run at similar filling and processing speeds as current multi-material structures that aren’t recyclable.


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Retort Pouches
Retort Pouches

Our recloseable retort pouch features rotogravure-printed graphics and linear tear technology for straight and easy opening. We developed a unique zipper that withstands the stresses of the retort process and allows unused portions to be conveniently stored. Our retort pouch packaging is less than three percent of the weight of breakable glass, tremendously improving the product-to-package ratio and reducing the cost of shipping. We've created a clever flexible pouch that meets the technical challenge of incorporating recloseability and retortability, and employs materials and graphics that enhance packaging design for our customers.

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PRO-POUCH Premade Pouches
PRO-POUCH Premade Pouches

ProAmpac is proud to be a leader in the stand-up pouch market offering our PRO-POUCH® solutions as an option for endless applications and markets. Our team of experts can customize your pouch with various film structures, spouts and reclose features to optimize product protection and create an unforgettable consumer experience.

Fitments, Spouts & Closures

ProAmpac developed pouch solutions with spouts, fitments and closures that meet the specifications for a variety of products. Our responsive teams can engineer these spouts and closures to allow for spill control, convenience and food safety, and can be applied to many different pouch design solutions.

Options include:

  • Zippers
  • Press-to-close
  • EZ-Zip
  • Hook and Loop
  • Hook to hook
  • Pour spouts
  • Child-resistant reclosable, easy open (CRREO)

Shaped Pouches

Our flexible shaped pouches can be formed to match brand, function and appeal for a range of packaging applications and markets. We can also include fitments, closures, valves, stand-up capabilities, retort applications and more — each with outstanding print graphics and quality performance.

Beverage & Hot-fill

Our PRO-POUCH® line offers rollstock or converted pouches for beverage applications such as alcohol, hot-fill, HPP or aseptic processing. Further, our teams have designed these laminations for optimum performance on Ultra Clean/3A form, fill, seal machines.

Pouches can be assembled via adhesive or extrusion processes, with and without foil. We'll work with you to meet your product requirements, whether you need small single-use pouches or large-format, high-strength, multiple-use pouches.  Features include:

  • Varying stiffness, offering a robust touch with strong seal attributes to ensure seal security
  • Superior organoleptic properties for cases where dryness, moisture and stale-fresh factors are considerations
  • Availability in white-opaque and clear (and of different thicknesses) to support your branding and product requirements

Inverted Pouches

Inverted pouches have grown in many food applications, specifically for spreads that have moved into flexible packaging. The combination of reduced shipping cost and container weight as well as the consumer's ability to be able to ensure all the product can be squeezed out with ease makes this format ideal for many applications.


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PacketLam Condiment Film
PacketLam Condiment Film

We've engineered our condiment film to meet the needs of any condiment, especially those that require high-barrier materials.

Features include:

  • Excellent barrier properties for oxygen and moisture
  • Abuse- and flex crack-resistant
  • Excellent cutability and sealability
  • Available in both foil and non-foil laminations
  • Improved line speed and reduced serum leakers


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