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ProAmpac is a leading global flexible packaging company with a comprehensive product offering.

Flexible packaging extends shelf life, has great shelf appeal and is lighter weight than rigid alternatives.  This means you get excellent branding and outstanding protection with less packaging – now that’s sustainability!


ProAmpac's Flexible Packaging Products include:

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The Benefits of Flexible Packaging

The most significant positive impact we can have on the environment is to minimize the materials we manufacture and use.  Flexible packaging does precisely that – delivering the most product with the least amount of packaging. Flexible packaging reduces energy consumption in production & transportation while also reducing packaging waste and providing optimized product protection.  

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Sustainability of Flexible Packaging

If you’re ready to take the next step on your sustainable packaging journey, check out our ProActive Sustainability line of flexible packaging products.  ProActive Sustainability utilizes the latest technologies to make your flexible packaging even more sustainable, offering recyclability or compostability after use, with the ability to be made with recycled content or bio-based materials.

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