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At ProAmpac, the heart of what we do is surrounded by our core values: Integrity, Intensity, Innovation, Involvement and Impact.


As ProAmpac continues to grow, it’s important to understand the impact we have as one ProAmpac. We have learned that it takes courage and commitment to lead with integrity, work with intensity, think innovatively and involve others.  We have also learned that when each of us demonstrates ProAmpac’s core values and when we bring on new team members who embrace these values, we build a culture that drives impact within the organization, in the marketplace, our communities and the world.

In 2017, ProAmpac Leaders saw a need to assist our fellow employees in times of hardship. The ProAmpac Employee Assistance Fund (PEAF), a US 501©(3) nonprofit was established and the fund is embraced by employees helping other employees.

The ProAmpac Employee Assistance Fund (PEAF) is a standalone US-based nonprofit organization that aims to improve the lives of our employees and the communities where we live and operate.


The ProAmpac Employee Assistance Fund (PEAF) is a dedicated 501(c)(3) for employee assistance

Donated to PEAF
since its founding
Grants awarded
since its founding


We help our communities by providing financial support, resources, and employment to displaced people. ProAmpac’s grassroots initiatives and outreach over the past year, from donating $25,000 to rebuild a playground to donating 40,000 food pouches to support World Central Kitchen’s outreach to Ukraine, were locally driven by locations around the world.



Our vision is a thriving community of team members representing the communities where we operate. We intentionally seek to attract more diversity and retain and foster a culture of inclusion, involvement, and belonging.



We seize opportunities that exceed our commitments, yielding a profound effect. We lead courageously towards growth that impacts our communities, our environment, and the world.

ProAmpac’s launch of our second annual ESG Impact Report outlines not only the successes we have achieved but also the long-term strategy we continue to execute.

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