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We understand that beauty consumers around the world can choose from a wide spectrum of products, each of which brings its own package requirements. Skincare, haircare, cosmetics — whatever your need, our teams are ready to apply our broad range of expertise to find the optimal packaging solution. For everything from small to large runs, in sample, travel, full size, and refill sizes - offering unique packaging shapes and purpose-driven features.

Cosmetic Web
Cosmetic Web

With state-of-the-art production equipment, ProAmpac has the ability to create highly functional cosmetic webs for gels, soaps, and capsules for sampling and travel applications.  Available either reverse-printed or unprinted for later surface printing, the high-quality foil and foil-free barrier structures are sure to preserve your products and run well on your filling equipment.

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Rollstock for wipes and hard-to-hold applications
Rollstock for wipes and hard-to-hold applications

Our foil and non-foil structures are available in rollstock with options for peel & reseal labels. These structures are designed for “hard-to-hold” products such as isopropyl alcohol, iodine, betadine, citric, fragrances, silicones, sodium hypochlorite, or chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG).  Our flexible packaging structures have proven performance on high-speed filling machines for a variety of packaging formats.

Features include:

  • Structures designed for hard-to-hold applications
  • Easy opening and option reclose features for consumer convenience
  • Exciting graphic design possibilities with 10-color printing
  • Variety of label sizes and shapes available including clear and opaque labels
  • Substrates include paper, foil, film, film and non-foil barrier layers
  • ProActive Recyclable PE-based monomaterial wipes packaging for flow wrap applications
  • Tamper-evident features available

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Spouted Pouches
Spouted Pouches

Looking for packaging that works well in e-commerce and offers sustainability benefits? Our spouted pouches are designed to withstand the rigors of e-commerce shipping and offer easy of use and convenience for the consumer.  Made with puncture-resistant materials to maintain the integrity of your product, our pouches reduce packaging weight and virgin plastic usage compared to rigid alternatives.  With a range of standard and custom spouts available, we will design the perfect package for your liquid or powder product.

Design your own pouch with MAKR

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Standup Pouches
Standup Pouches

ProAmpac’s PRO-POUCH stand-up pouches,  deliver innovative solutions with options for high-quality graphics, fitments,  custom shapes and high-barier films allowing for spill control, product protection, and an enhanced consumer experience. 

Design your own pouch with MAKR.

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Rollstock and Pouches with Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCR)
Rollstock and Pouches with Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCR)

ProActive PCR enables post-consumer recycled content (PCR) to be included in various laminated and mono-material constructions in rollstock and pre-made pouches and bags. ProActive PCR furthers corporate sustainability objectives by reducing virgin material use and supports the circular economy.

  • Available in various percent-contents
  • Complaint with UK Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT)
  • Standard and high barrier options available
  • Optional with standard spouts and reclose features
  • Same performance and graphic capabilities as non-PCR pouches
  • Excellent linear tear performance
  • Available with Signature Surfaces:  Paper Touch, Soft Touch Matte, and Registered Matte

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ProActive PIR
ProActive PIR

ProActive PIR Film is ProAmpac’s latest product addition to its ProActive Sustainability® suite. Utilizing 30% in-house post-industrial recycled content, ProActive PIR reel stock film meets UK Plastic Packaging Tax guidelines for tax exemption and is OPRL compliant for front-of-store drop-off. All materials used to produce ProActive PIR film are EU food contact compliant and successfully passed non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) testing.

  • High performance for constant  heat seals vertical form/fill/seal applications
  • Very high Impact Strength
  • Excellent hot tack and seal performance for fast filling speeds
  • Better clarity to give similar appearance to virgin product
  • Lower odour compared to PCR films

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