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Beauty & Personal Care

We understand that beauty consumers around the world can choose from a wide spectrum of products, each of which brings its own package requirements. Skincare, haircare, sun care, color cosmetics, body care — whatever your need, our teams are ready to apply our broad range of capabilities to answer the call for everything from small to large runs, in sample, travel, full size, and refill sizes - offering unique packaging shapes and purpose-driven features.

  • Spouted Pouches

    Our spouted pouches are great for beauty needs such as foundation, lotions, etc.

    These spouted pouches are designed to withstand the rigors of on-the-go use from being put in and taken out of bags and suitcases. The pouch can be squished, crumpled, and even rolled without compromising the integrity of the overall package to allow product to empty almost completely from the package. Additionally, the barrier properties of the overall pouch are stringent enough to retain a product shelf-life of 24 months, an industry standard expected by consumers.

  • Cosmetic Web

    The personal care and beauty market use a specialized 5 ply structure referred to as cosmetic web. Often used to package liquid gels, soaps and creams, this structure offers excellent barrier properties and allows for the creation of vibrant colorful packages.

    These packages are often supplied to the hotel and travel industries as they are perfect for single use applications.

  • Wipes Packaging

    For over 20 years, ProAmpac has been delivering flexible packaging solutions for the Home, Health & Beauty markets. With the ability to package hard to hold products and chemicals such as alcohol, iodine, betadine, citric, fragrances, silicones, sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG), and other challenging ingredients; ProAmpac offers a broad range of rollstock films and premade pouch sizes. Filling order quantities from one to tens of millions, ProAmpac serves a multitude of customers and market requirements.

    Peel & Reseal Film

    Perfect for disinfectant wipes, our Flexi & Flexi-Free® films are available with pre-applied, die-cut peel and reseal labels. We've developed a range of Flexi & Flexi-Free films to accommodate packaging anything from normal (aqueous) to "hard-to-hold" products containing fragrances, alcohols or germ-killing disinfectants.

    Features include:

    • Unlimited variety of label sizes and shapes
    • Easy opening and closure for consumer convenience
    • Tamper-evident features available
    • Exciting graphic design possibilities with 10-color printing
    • Clear or white opaque labels available
    • Flexible or rigid styles available
  • Premade Pouches

    We are proud to be a leader in the stand-up pouch market offering our PRO-POUCH® solutions for a wide variety of personal care applications. Our team of experts can customize your pouch with various film structures, spouts and reclose features to optimize product protection and create an unforgettable consumer experience.

    Available with our Signature Surfaces line of surface enhancements and our ProActive Sustainability products.

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