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Though we miss the jangly keyring, we don’t miss the giant plastic bottles of cleaners and soaps. The custodial closets of the world have changed to more convenient packaging. Our teams have developed numerous solutions for floor and surface cleaners, liquid soap refills and heavy-duty wipes.

Child Resistant Pouches - CRREO
Child Resistant Pouches - CRREO

Our CRREO child-resistant recloseable easy open pouches have been used globally in various pharmaceutical, clinical, agricultural, and home care applications.

CRREO utilizes several patented features, including the first-ever child-resistant slider for flexible packaging which protects children from accessing the contents within the pouch.

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Rollstock for wipes and hard-to-hold applications
Rollstock for wipes and hard-to-hold applications

Our foil and non-foil structures are available in rollstock with options for peel & reseal labels. These structures are designed for “hard-to-hold” products such as isopropyl alcohol, iodine, betadine, citric, fragrances, silicones, sodium hypochlorite, or chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG).  Our flexible packaging structures have proven performance on high-speed filling machines for a variety of packaging formats.

Features include:

  • Structures designed for hard-to-hold applications
  • Easy opening and option reclose features for consumer convenience
  • Exciting graphic design possibilities with 10-color printing
  • Variety of label sizes and shapes available including clear and opaque labels
  • Substrates include paper, foil, film, film and non-foil barrier layers
  • ProActive Recyclable PE-based monomaterial wipes packaging for flow wrap applications
  • Tamper-evident features available

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Standup Pouches
Standup Pouches

ProAmpac’s PRO-POUCH stand-up pouches,  deliver innovative solutions with options for high-quality graphics, fitments,  custom shapes and high-barier films allowing for spill control, product protection, and an enhanced consumer experience. 

Design your own pouch with MAKR.

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Stretch Sleeves
Stretch Sleeves

Stretch Sleeves are a great alternative to glued-on labels.  Low-density polyethylene sleeves used for 360° labeling of bottles, jugs, pails and propane tanks.  Available with up to 8-color process printing and special UV lacquer to deliver high impact graphics.


Shrink Film
Shrink Film

Whether you’re interested in shrink sleeves or shrink bundling, ProAmpac offers a full range of specialized, high-strength, co-extruded films that can ensure film usage is optimized. These films run high speed, single reed fed, twin feed and L sealer lines.

By using the latest developments in co-extruded technology, our films can be produced at much thinner levels offering significant yield improvement without compromising strength, stiffness, sealing and puncture resistance. ProAmpac’s high strength, co-extruded 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) Shrink Films are exempt from the UK Plastic Packaging Tax of £200 per tonne.

The range also includes:

  • Ultra-thin films down to 15mu
  • Micro-perforated films
  • High clarity presentation films
  • Printed films (available in 30% PCR)
  • Non-fusion secondary overwrap film (also available in a 30% PCR version)

Shrink Film Applications:

  • Retail - multipack cans & bottles & boxes for food, drink & personal care applications
  • Industrial – for doors, worktops, flooring, bedding, timber, insulation boards, radiators, bathroom panels, shower trays, paper, multi-packing toilet tissue & janitorial supplies

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