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Our people have been working together to develop a number of specialized shipping bags that can deliver items to your consumers as safely as, and more efficiently than, boxes. Poly mailers can also be included in consumer shipments to be used in case of returns, thereby optimizing both ends of your transactions.

Ful-Wrap is the perfect solution for interior packaging and storage protecting metal, wood, steel, painted or aluminum surfaces during shipping and can even be used to protect the bark of young trees during shipment.  Learn more about our cohesive coated and laminated product here.

  • Paper Mailers

    Our paper mailers have a sleek look and are curbside recyclable in paper streams. Other features and benefits include:

    Shop Paper Mailers

    • One-sided, poly-coated materials to multi-layer envelopes
    • Weather resistance coating available
    • Three sizes
    • Elegant side seam construction for sleek branded graphic opportunities
    • Less industrial appearance than traditional paper mailers that have a center seam
    • Good printability to allow for custom designs and marketing
    • Available with bottom gusset for enhanced space

    Typical Applications

    • Clothes
    • Documents
    • Soft goods
  • Poly Mailers

    We designed our KeepSafe® versatile poly mailers to deliver the industry's most secure closure and quality bag construction. Made with our durable, coextruded polyethylene film, KeepSafe poly mailers resist punctures, tearing and water. These opaque plastic mailing envelopes withstand the rigors of shipping and handling, and help you save on postage and the expense of corrugated boxes.

    Shop Versatile Poly Mailers

    Poly mailers

    • Immediate cost savings compared to corrugated boxes
    • Brand awareness: improved visual impact and marketing graphics compared to corrugated
    • Improved moisture barrier for protection of contents
    • Decrease in amount of void fill required
    • Reclaimed space in the warehouse
    • Opportunity for more packaging on conveyor belts
    • Reduced jamming of conveyor belts
    • More packages per pack out of transport truck

    In-stock, ready-to-ship poly mailers

    • Excellent opacity
    • Durable coextruded polyethylene
    • 100% recyclable in PE recycle streams
    • Recycled content film
    • Single Adhesive Mailers, white or gray (gray with anti-static release liner)
    • Dual Adhesive Mailers, white with anti-static release liner

    Custom poly mailers

    • Up to 10-color printing
    • Sizes up to 34" x 38" (W x L)
    • Optional dual tape for return
    • Merchandise-style mailers
    • Perforations for ease of opening
    • Anti-static release liner
    • Mailers on a wicket available for fulfillment centers, up to 19" x 24"
    • Preprinted rollstock for form-fill-seal applications available

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