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High performance products which may be recycled after use in standard plastic or paper recycling streams.

ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt
ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt

ProActive Recyclable® FibreSculpt is a cutting-edge fibre-based solution engineered for shallow-draw applications, presenting a sustainable solution suitable for various products, including chilled cooked meats, cold cuts, sliced cheese, and fish. Compliant with OPRL guidelines and boasting over 90% paper content, ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt can be formed to 22mm on Multivac lines, providing brands with versatile, printable, fibre-based packaging.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweighting: Oers an opportunity for material reduction, exemplified by a 28% reduction in package weight compared with a Mono APET alternative.*
  • Plastic Reduction: This innovative packaging solution supports plastic reduction targets, showcasing a remarkable 93% reduction in plastic compared with a standard plastic alternative*. Moreover, it is exempt from the UK plastics tax.
  • Operational Effciencies: Maintaining a run rate comparable to conventional alternatives ProActive Recyclable Fibre Sculpt, reduces changeover times by up to 80% when using ProAmpac’s optimized jumbo rolls. ProAmpac stands out as a single supplier for both base and top web, streamlining the packaging process.
  • Shelf Appeal: ProActive Recyclable FibreSculpt delivers a premium feel and increased shelf presence compared to plastic alternatives, responding to consumer demand for renewable materials. Both sides are printable in up to 8 colours – bleached or Kraft colours available.
  • Recycle Status: The packaging is OPRL compliant, making it kerbside recyclable in the UK and Ireland, contributing to a more circular economy. › Sustainability: Allows for a 74% reduction in fossil fuel use and 63% reduction in GHG.*


  • Chilled cooked meats/Cold Cuts
  • Sliced Cheese
  • Fish products


  • Supplied on a reel
  • Reel lengths available from 200m - 1200m


*The Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) contained herein was performed by ProAmpac and is intended for directional guidance in internal decision making and understanding trade-offs. According to ISO 14040, LCA results should not be used to make comparative assertions between competitive products to be disclosed to the public without first conducting a third-party critical review. ProAmpac makes no guarantee or warranty and does not assume any liability, with respect to the information or product results.

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ProActive Recyclable R-2000 Series
ProActive Recyclable R-2000 Series

The ProActive Recyclable R-2000 series is a patented PE-based high performance recyclable film. R-2000D is engineered to maintain packaging speeds on form/fill/seal equipment. This recyclable film offers a low seal initiation temperature while creating hermetic seals. The R-2000 series has very high clarity, very good drop strength, and excellent directional tear without the need for scoring.


The R-2000D is intended for dry product applications and is available with a standard, high, or ultra-high barrier to protect moisture and oxygen-sensitive products.  The standard and high-barrier offerings are pre-qualified for store drop-off in North America.

Features and benefits:

  • Superior heat resistance for optimal filling speeds and a wide operating window on filling lines
  • Excellent ink protection to withstand even the most rigorous distribution chains
  • High stiffness for enhanced shelf-presence
  • Increased resistance to dimpling vs. non-laminated structures


R-2100 has the same features and benefits as R-2000D but with the added benefit of enhanced puncture resistance. This product is suited for dry product applications like pet treats or salty snacks.


ProActive Recyclable R-2000F is a recyclable film with superior heat resistance designed for frozen food packaging. Using a patent-pending laminated construction, R-2000F is available in rollstock for vertical or horizontal form/fill/seal applications, rollstock with a pre-applied recyclable INNO-LOK® zipper or pre-made pouches with recyclable zippers. Great for frozen fruit, vegetables, potatoes, snacks, appetizers and seafood.


ProActive Recyclable R-2000S is a polyethylene-based film fulfills the market need for a recyclable packaging option that withstands the demands of a microwave heating environment. R-2000S provides superior seal integrity and thermal and dimensional stability for non-fat vegetables. A patent-pending film, R-2000S runs on high-speed form/fill/seal equipment and is pre-qualified for store drop-off recycling.

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ProActive Recyclable R-1000
ProActive Recyclable R-1000

ProActive Recyclable R-1000 polyethylene-based recyclable film formulation designed to overcome the challenges faced by form/fill/seal operations of recyclable structures.  Designed specifically to reduce seal bar gumming and burn-through, R-1000 will run faster on form/fill/seal machines than standard polyethylene films.  In addition, R-1000 has the stiffness and caulkability necessary to create the high-quality pouches your product deserves. 

ProActive Recyclable R-1000 is pre-qualified for in-store drop-off in North America.

Available in rollstock or rollstock with a pre-applied recyclable INNO-LOK® zipper. Great for nuts, granola, confectionary, salty snacks, and trail mix.

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ProActive Recyclable R-2200D Easy-Peel Open
ProActive Recyclable R-2200D Easy-Peel Open

ProActive Recyclable® R-2200D Easy-PeelOpen offers consumers a hassle-free opening experience with optimum peelable sealant technology. It is available in three barrier platforms; standard barrier, high barrier, and ultra-high barrier, all of which are pre-qualified for store drop off recycling. This patent-pending, high-performance polyethylene based recyclable film is available in rollstock. It is specifically designed to run at high-speed form/fill/sealing equipment.

  • R-2200D Easy-Peel Open sealant technology allows for a clean opening experience for consumers
  • Pre-qualified for store drop-off  recycling
  • Superior heat resistance ideal for high-speed filling
  • Very high clarity for optimal product visibility
  • A range of barrier properties available to suit even the most sensitive products
  • Available in high puncture resistance structures
  • Available in gloss or registered matte

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PRO-EVO Recyclable SOS Bags
PRO-EVO Recyclable SOS Bags

Paper Structures for Pet Food

PRO-EVO® is a curbside recyclable multiwall SOS bag.  It is comprised of two platforms, both designed to meet US recyclability requirements.  The resulting package is the perfect solution for pet care applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Successfully passed recyclability testing and is pre-qualified for curbside recycling in the US
  • Outstanding shelf presence with flat bottom for stability
  • Exceptional grease resistance
  • Fills on standard SOS filing equipment
  • HD flexographic printing
  • Excellent drop resistance
  • Up to 6.3 lb fill weight

Available Platforms

  • PRO-EVO recyclable AP:  all - paper construction, standard barrier
  • PRO-EVO Recyclable FL:  paper/film construction, higher moisture barrier

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ProActive Recyclable R-500F
ProActive Recyclable R-500F

ProActive Recyclable R-500F is a PE-based recyclable film designed with higher stiffness for better shelf presence in frozen food packaging applications. Optimized to run on vertical form/fill/seal equipment, including stand-up pouch and bottom gusset formats, it provides ideal protection during cold chain distribution.

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ProActive Recyclable Paper RP-1000
ProActive Recyclable Paper RP-1000

RP-1000 is the first in a series of curbside recyclable paper-based packaging solutions that are heat-sealable with good moisture barrier and excellent directional tear properties.  An ideal replacement for conventional multi-material laminates, RP-1000 is suited for frozen food applications such as ready-to-eat meals and vegetables and some dry foods. Pre-qualified for curbside recycling, RP-1000 can be recycled in both paper and mixed streams. 

RP-1000 series are available in rollstock, stand up, and three-side seal pouch formats. Using ProAmpac’s award-winning high definition (HD) flexographic printed graphics, RP-1000 is available in natural kraft or bleached versions for brand elevation and customization. 

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ProActive Recyclable RP-1000HB
ProActive Recyclable RP-1000HB

ProActive Recyclable® RP-1000HB is a paper based high oxygen and moisture barrier structure with excellent grease resistance.. The novel material offers superior heat resistance for optimal filling speeds and a wide operating window on filling lines. Available in bleached paper for exceptional printability to allow for brand elevation and customization. RP-1000HB is pre-qualified for curbside recycling through existing paper streams.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent oxygen barrier (< 0.1 cc/100in /day @ 23ºC @ 50% RH)
  • Excellent grease resistance
  • Great moisture barrier (< 1 gr/100in /day 23ºC @ 85% RH)
  • Excellent seal properties designed for maintaining high speeds on FFS equipment
  • Curbside recyclable for enhanced user convenience

Available Formats

  • Rollstock for horizontal, vertical and flow wrap form/fill/seal applications

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QUADFLEX Recyclable
QUADFLEX Recyclable

Recyclable Premium Packaging

QUADFLEX® Recyclable is a patented 100% recyclable, polyethylene-based, quad-seal pouch that combines the benefits of ProAmpac’s durable QUADFLEX® format with the best of the ProActive Recyclable® film structures. The resulting package is the perfect solution for pet care applications. 

Features include:

  • Holds up to 10lbs of product
  • Five Panels of billboard space for ultimate branding
  • High Quality Graphics in surface or reverse print
  • Enhanced Shelf Presence with a flat bottom structure that has quad-seals for excellent shape and stability
  • Option for clear side gussets providing product visibility
  • Convenience & Product Freshness with easy-open / reclose features
  • Customized Barrier Protection Available

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ProActive Recyclable Pouches
ProActive Recyclable Pouches

Whether you are packaging dry food, treats, or other pet care products, ProAmpac offers a customized recyclable solution with our ProActive Recyclable® Pouches.

ProActive Recyclable® Pouches are designed to be a drop-in replacement for conventional films. Designed with unique performance characteristics, these pouches are available premade or as rollstock that has been proven to run at high speeds on form/fill/seal equipment.

Recyclable Options:

ProActive Recyclable R-2000D Series

R-2000D is a patent-pending polyethylene-based structure designed to replace conventional multi-material laminates. Available in standard, high barrier and ultra-high-barrier R-2000D extends the shelf-life of dry products. Both standard and high-barrier platforms have been tested and pre-qualified for polyethylene store-drop-off recycling.

R-2000D offers oustanding clarity, high drop resistance, excellent stiffness and dimpling resistance for a premium shelf appearance. It provides clean directional tear without the need for laser scoring. The R-2050D variant is available in both North America and Europe.

R-2100 offers the same great features of R-2000D with the addition of improved puncture resistance for treats or other products with harder edges.



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ProActive Recyclable R-4000
ProActive Recyclable R-4000
  • ProActive Recyclable R-4000 film is a polypropylene-based material formulated to overcome the challenges typically faced when using recyclable structures. R-4000 combines the heat resistance, scuff resistance and stiffness required to make high-quality pouches. ProActive Recyclable R-4000 is considered a recycle ready structure

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