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ProActive Recyclable RP-1050 Overwrap for Towel and Tissue Products

A leading towel and tissue manufacturer in the US was looking for a way to enhance their brand image and appeal to environmentally conscious consumers. They wanted to switch from plastic film to paper-based sustainable packaging overwrap for their products, without sacrificing performance and quality. Some of the challenges they faced were:

  • Maintaining the same packing speed and efficiency as the current flexible packaging
  • Ensuring high-quality graphics to attract customer interest and differentiate their products
  • Providing adequate protection for the towel and tissue products to prevent damage and contamination
  • Communicating the recyclability of the overwrap to the consumers
Sustainable Fiber
ProActive Recyclable RP-1050 Overwrap for Towel and Tissue Products

To overcome these challenges

The towel and tissue manufacturer partnered with ProAmpac, a flexible packaging leader that offers innovative and sustainable solutions. ProAmpac recommended their ProActive Recyclable RP-1050, which is a paper-based, renewable, and recyclable packaging.

This innovative sustainable packaging solution has several advantages, such as:

  • It can run at high speeds on existing filling machines, achieving the same packing rates as plastic film
  • It has HD Flexographic printing that enhances shelf appearance and allows for vibrant colors and graphics
  • It has a low blocking formulation that prevents the overwrap from sticking to each other or to the products, reducing scrap and downtime
  • It has a standardized label that informs consumers about paper recycling

By using the ProActive Recyclable RP-1050, the towel and tissue manufacturer was able to achieve their brand lift goals without compromising on quality or convenience. This success story shows how the towel and tissue manufacturer and ProAmpac worked together to create a packaging solution that benefits both the environment and consumers.

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