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Dry Foods

Packaging Solutions for Form/Fill/Seal Applications

As an industry leader with high quality solutions for form/fill/seal applications, ProAmpac has expertise in adhesive and extrusion lamination and coating using paper, film and foil substrates. We offer full customization of packaging solutions, in-house graphical design capabilities and HD flexographic printing for superior shelf presence.

Available with our Signature Surfaces line of surface enhancements and our ProActive Sustainability products.

  • PRO-VUE Shield® High Barrier Film

    PRO-VUE Shield is a high barrier film formulation specifically designed to protect flavors sensitive to oxygen. Its high clarity allows customers to see the freshness of the snack product while simultaneously allowing the display of eye - catching graphics. Designed for stand-up pouches, PRO-VUE Shield has excellent sealing and hot-tack properties for high speed form/fill/finish applications.

    A great alternative to PVDC-coated structures, PRO-VUE Shield is made with an environmentally-responsible EVOH barrier layer. Laser scoring and a variety of closure types are available for pre-made pouches to create functional and easy-to-open packages.

    Features & Benefits:

    • Great oxygen barrier – ideal for modified atmospheric packaging (MAP) applications
    • Low seal initiation temperature for high packaging speeds
    • Made with an EVOH barrier, a more environmentally responsible option to PVDC
    • Excellent organoleptic properties - reduces risk of flavor taint
    • Standard or high-definition flexographic printing
    • Surface or reverse print available
  • PRO-LockNPeel® Peelable Sealant Film

    We've engineered a lamination that delivers Over the Mountain (OTM) lock-up seal performance with a peelable top seal. LockNPeel enhances the retail consumer experience by providing an easy-open, hermetically sealed package with superior shelf appearance.

    Features include:

    • VFFS (Vertical Form-Fill-Seal) quad seal bag or traditional pillow bag applications
    • Excellent operational efficiency with minor tooling modification (demonstrated improved line performance vs. competitive structure)
    • Available in 2-ply and 3-ply laminations
  • Closures

    Inno-LOK® - Face-opening zipper is pre-applied to rollstock for easy integration of a reclose feature using current vertical form/fill/seal equipment.

    Pour & Lok™ - Enhance the consumer experience with a side-mounted reclose feature that allows easy pouring and reclosing. Pre-applied to rollstock for easy integration on vertical form/fill/seal equipment.

Lidding Solutions

We offer a full range of lidding solutions in roll-fed, die cut, and daisy-chain formats. Our expertise includes peelable lidding, retort lidding, and patterned embossing for enhanced graphical appeal.

  • Pro-Peel® - PRO-PEEL lidding solutions feature foil and non-foil-based packaging solutions with medium to high barrier characteristics and excellent seal-thru contamination properties in rollstock form. We designed our PRO-PEEL line to offer consistent peel performance and one-piece removal, and it includes our proprietary sealant technology that is compatible with PP, PS, CPET and HDPE container stock.
  • Peel/reseal - Provide full tray access using this innovative film that allows a high number of peels and reseals on PP or PE trays.

Learn more about our expertise in lidding.

Premade Pouches

We are proud to be a leader in the stand-up pouch market offering our PRO-POUCH® solutions for a wide variety of food applications. Our team of experts can customize your pouch with various film structures, spouts and reclose features to optimize product protection and create an unforgettable consumer experience.

Available with our Signature Surfaces line of surface enhancements and our ProActive Sustainability products.

  • QUADFLEX® premade bags

    • Premium quad-seal premade pouch solution.
    • Seals on 4 edges to hold shape and provide superior shelf presence.
    • Maximum branding opportunities either standing up or laying down
    • Available with fold over or flat bottom pouch.
    • Available in industry leading recyclable pouch design – materials approved by How2Recycle® for in-store drop off.
    • Available with our Signature Surfaces enhancements. Learn more about our expertise in Signature Surfaces.
  • PRO-EVO® Mini

    A premade self-opening sack which offers easy filling and high quality graphics. Available in paper or in a customized multi-wall structure to suit a variety of shelf life requirements. Graphics can be customized with high-gloss, matte, soft-touch matte, or dual-gloss varnishes. This bag is ideal for low fill weight (10 pounds and under) and stunning point-of-purchase display.

Large Format Bag Solutions

PRO-EVO® Classic

  • Multiwall bag solution offering outstanding value and superior protection.
  • Available in a sift-proof sack (SPS) design to prevent the outflow of fine material during handling.

PRO-EVO® Premium - Premium laminate exterior provides enhanced shelf presence and additional burst resistance for aggressive transport conditions. Ideal for long-distance and international shipments.

PRO-DURA® Classic - Durable and tear resistant polywoven laminated bag withstands aggressive supply chain and handling conditions. Utilizes the same filling equipment as multiwall bags.

Portion Control Solutions

We love convenience! Innovative flexible snack food packaging offers numerous benefits to consumers, as well as the ability to carry vibrant, eye-catching designs that highlight your brand and messaging. So our teams have collaborated to develop solutions designed to maintain and deliver maximum snack-ability.

  • E-Z SnackPak®

    Created for the single-serve snack food market, our tetrahedron-shaped pouch transforms into a serving tray upon opening for a unique consumer experience. We specifically engineered the tetrahedron shape to add package support, which provides product protection during shipping and handling. The geometric design can be packed into a corrugated shipper with an efficient interlocking pattern or displayed in a shelf-ready carton at point-of-sale — so your product really stands out. This innovative format also uses up to 25% less packaging than other formats because our unique seal method improves the product-to-package ratio.


    We've worked hard to become the largest worldwide supplier of lightweight polyethylene-coated papers for the single-serve food packaging market, including tea sachet packets. To visually capture your brand, our flexographic and offset printing processes can handle up to 10 colors, so images and complex artwork are never a problem.

    Lightweight coated papers for single-serve grains, sugars and sweeteners. For enhanced shelf life of flavored products, PRO-SACHET is available with an EVOH oxygen barrier layer which is more environmentally sustainable than PVdC-coated papers.

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