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Frozen Food Packaging

ProAmpac’s expertly engineered frozen food packaging is designed to endure the stress of cold chain distribution while bringing consumer appeal to the freezer case. Our award-winning HD flexographic print capabilities enable package designs that are visually appealing and differentiated. Our expertise in film extrusion, laminations and venting allows ProAmpac to fully service our frozen food customers.

  • Sustainable Frozen Food Packaging

    ProAmpac’s frozen food packaging is available in recycle-ready structures that are pre-qualified for store drop-off in North America.

    ProActive Recyclable R-2000F is a recyclable film with superior heat resistance designed for frozen food packaging. Using a patent-pending laminated construction, R-2000F is available in rollstock for vertical or horizontal form/fill/seal applications, rollstock with a pre-applied recyclable INNO-LOK® zipper or pre-made pouches with recyclable zippers. Great for frozen fruit, vegetables, potatoes, snacks and appetizers.

    Features and benefits:

    • Superior heat resistance for optimal filling speeds and a wide operating window on filling lines
    • Excellent ink protection to withstand even the most rigorous distribution chains
    • High stiffness for enhanced shelf-presence
    • Increased resistance to dimpling vs. non-laminated structures

    ProActive Recyclable R-500F is a PE-based recyclable film designed with higher stiffness for better shelf presence in frozen food packaging applications. Optimized to run on vertical form/fill/seal equipment including stand-up pouch and bottom gusset formats, it provides ideal protection during cold chain distribution.

    Available in rollstock or rollstock with a pre-applied recyclable INNO-LOK® zipper. Great for frozen fruit, vegetables, potatoes, snacks and appetizers.

    Features and benefits:

    • Good heat resistance for vertical form/fill/seal applications.
    • Ideal stiffness for gusseted pouch applications
    • Excellent seal strength

    Learn more about our complete ProActive Sustainability program.

    Surface Printed Frozen Food Packaging

    ProAmpac extrudes high-performance multi-layer films for the frozen foods industry, providing an optimal combination of strength and machinability on vertical form/fill/seal machines. With the ability to be surface printed with 10-color high-definition flexographic presses, your frozen food packaging is sure to stand out in the freezer case. Our standard surface-printed films are recyclable and pre-qualify for store drop off collection streams in the US and Canada.



    Laminated Frozen Food Packaging

    ProAmpac laminated films combine, ten-color flexographic printing with industry-proven sealant layers resulting in high-quality, visually appealing frozen food packaging for vertical and horizontal form/fill/seal applications. Our packaging is suitable for forming a variety of packaging formats including pillow and gusseted pouches. Our frozen food packaging can withstand heavy package weights and have excellent puncture resistance. ProAmpac offers laser and mechanical venting options as well as microwaveable designs which provide consumers additional convenience when preparing frozen foods. Our ProActive PCR offering for frozen food packaging allows for the addition of PCR-PET and PCR-PE to conventional frozen food packaging laminations.

    Our ProActive Renewable product line allows bio-based PE to be added to the sealant layer of conventional frozen food packaging laminations.

    ProAmpac is an expert in high-performance solventless and solvent laminations to provide optimum graphics and high speed filling capabilities. Laminations can be constructed to withstand microwave conditions, providing consumers additional convenience when preparing frozen foods and sauces.

    Available with our Signature Surfaces line of surface enhancements.

  • Pre-applied closures for VFFS

    • Inno-LOK® - Face-opening zipper is pre-applied to rollstock for easy integration of a reclose feature using current vertical form/fill/seal equipment.
    • Pour & Lok™ - A pre-applied side-mounted reclose feature that enhances the consumer experience by allowing easy pouring and reclosing. Allows for easy integration on vertical form/fill/seal equipment.
  • PRO-POUCH® Stand-Up Pouches

    We are proud to be a leader in the stand-up pouch market offering our PRO-POUCH® solutions as an option for your frozen food packaging. Our team of experts can customize your pouch with various film structures, spouts and reclose features to optimize product protection and create an unforgettable consumer experience.

    Flexibowl - FlexiBowl is an easy-to-hold stand-up pouch with a built-in bowl feature for on-the-go eating. Microwaveable with a strong shelf presence, consumers are sure to love the convenience and portability provided by this unique option.

    Available with our Signature Surfaces line of surface enhancements and our ProActive Sustainability products.

  • PRO-WRAP® Freezer Wrap

    ProAmpac manufactures a complete line of poly-coated freezer wrap grades specifically designed to protect food against freezer burn damage. Our PRO-WRAP freezer paper is available in bleached, natural and color formats. Industry-leading brands choose our freezer wraps to provide wrapping for fresh meats, poultry, fish, cheeses and more.

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