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QUADFLEX® Pet Food Packaging

Our Premium pet food packaging solution, this quad-seal design provides ideal shape, strength, and shelf presence - along with plenty of space for branding.

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Features include:

  • Ultimate Branding
    • QUADFLEX offers a wide variety of sizes with flat bottom, pinch bottom and fold over bottom styles maximize branding opportunities on store shelf display.
  • Award Winning Graphics
    • Combine our HD Flexo printing and graphics with ProAmpac Signature Surfaces finishes for added shelf appeal.
  • Convenience
    • A variety of convenient easy-open and re-close options improve product accessibility.
  • Strength and Stability
    • Quad-seal strength and custom barrier properties provide dimensional stability and protection throughout the entire supply chain.
  • ProActive Recyclable QUADFLEX®

    100% Recyclable Premium Packaging

    ProAmpac introduces the industry's first recyclable PE quad-seal style pouch.

    How2Recycle® approved for in-store drop off.

    The ProActive Recyclable QUADFLEX pouch, a quad-seal flat-bottom format, features five panels of branding billboard space delivering enhanced store shelf presence.

    ProAmpac provides premium packaging innovation, while also increasing your green product portfolio, a trend that will continue to grow as demand for sustainable packaging increases.

    *Packing size range: 2-40lb products

    Features include:

    • 100% Recyclable Packaging, How2Recycle® approved
    • Ultimate Branding
      • Five Panels of billboard space
    • High Quality Graphics
      • Surface or reverse print
    • Enhanced Shelf Presence
      • Flat bottom structure with quad-seals for excellent shape and stability
    • Product Transparency
      • Option for clear side gussets providing product visibility
    • Convenience & Product Freshness
      • Easy-open / reclose features
    • Customized Barrier Protection Available


For more information on how we can meet your pet packaging needs, contact us at .

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