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QUADFLEX® Pet Food Packaging

Whether for treats or dry pet food, ProAmpac’s QUADFLEX® product line offers a wide variety of flat, pinch and fold-over bottom styles and sizes ideal for upright or lay-down bags.

ProAmpac’s quadseal bags and pouches deliver ideal shape and strength while boosting store shelf presence and maximum branding space. Our convenient easy open and re-close options improve product accessibility while our custom barriers further ensure pet product protection to the very last kibble.


Our premium QUADFLEX packaging solution, this quad-seal design, provides ideal shape, strength, and shelf presence - along with plenty of space for branding. Great for all of your pet food and lawn & garden needs.

Features include:

  • Ultimate branding with flat or fold-over bottom styles to maximize billboard on store shelf display
  • Window options are available for enhanced product visibility
  • Combine our award-winning HD flexo printing with soft matte, matte and gloss finishes for added shelf appeal
  • Variety of easy open accessibility and re-close options
  • Quad-seal strength and custom barrier properties to provide dimensional stability and protection throughout the entire supply chain
  • Available in both standard or recyclable formats that are pre-qualified for in-store drop-off
  • 2 lb to 50 lb capacity

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QuadFlex LT is a great option for a cost-effective quad-sealed bag. This all polyethylene bag is a great way to transition from paper into durable plastic packaging that offers superior product protection and an attractive design that maximizes branding space with side-gussets and four printable panels.

  • Conventional or recyclable structures
  • Structures available that are pre-qualified for in-store drop off through polyethylene recycling streams
  • Designed for efficient performance on automated filling and palletization equipment
  • Economical packaging solution available in a wide range of sizes (up to 50lbs)
  • Suited for both e-commerce and retail channels
  • Optional top handle for consumer convenience
  • Maximum branding space with four printable panels
  • HD Flexographic printing
  • Signature Surface enhancements enable both matte and gloss finishes

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QUADFLEX® Recyclable is a 100% recyclable, polyethylene-based, quad-seal pouch that combines the benefits of ProAmpac’s durable QUADFLEX® format with the best of the ProActive Recyclable® film structures.

  • Pouch sizes range between 1kg - 15kgs of product
  • Pre-qualified for in-store drop-off through polyethylene recycling streams
  • Outstanding shelf presence with four-panel layout for branding
  • Perforation options available
  • Excellent heat resistance & seal appearance
  • Fills and seals like a conventional laminate
  • Gloss or matte finish (option for both in register)
  • Clear window or side gussets available for product visibility
  • Standard & high-barrier options

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QUADFLEX Recyclable
QUADFLEX Recyclable

Recyclable Premium Packaging

QUADFLEX® Recyclable is a patented 100% recyclable, polyethylene-based, quad-seal pouch that combines the benefits of ProAmpac’s durable QUADFLEX® format with the best of the ProActive Recyclable® film structures. The resulting package is the perfect solution for pet care applications. 

Features include:

  • Holds up to 10lbs of product
  • Five Panels of billboard space for ultimate branding
  • High Quality Graphics in surface or reverse print
  • Enhanced Shelf Presence with a flat bottom structure that has quad-seals for excellent shape and stability
  • Option for clear side gussets providing product visibility
  • Convenience & Product Freshness with easy-open / reclose features
  • Customized Barrier Protection Available

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