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PRO-EVO® Pet Food Packaging

ProAmpac’s fiber-based multiwall bags, branded PRO-EVO, are the next evolution of paper pet food packaging. PRO-EVO bags do not contain any intentionally added fluorocarbons and can be made recyclable. These innovations support the shifting dynamic of pet food premiumization.

PRO-EVO Classic
PRO-EVO Classic

PRO-EVO Classic pet food packaging provides outstanding value for your pet food brand – a multiwall paper bag with eye-catching graphics and superior product protection.

Capacity of 13-60 lbs

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Sized for smaller portions and portability, these multiwall self-opening square bags open easily and stand upright. The MINI delivers a consistent look on the store shelf combined with the larger format PRO-EVO Classic or Premium multiwall pet food bags.

Capacity of 5 oz-13 lbs

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PRO-EVO Premium
PRO-EVO Premium

PRO-EVO Premium pet food packaging is a paper/poly hybrid packaging solution featuring high-gloss laminate and a square bottom design for maximum branding. The strong and resilient film exterior offers enhanced product protection and utilizes multiwall filling equipment.

Capacity of 13-60 lbs

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PRO-EVO Recyclable SOS Bags
PRO-EVO Recyclable SOS Bags

Paper Structures for Pet Food

PRO-EVO® is a curbside recyclable multiwall SOS bag.  It is comprised of two platforms, both designed to meet US recyclability requirements.  The resulting package is the perfect solution for pet care applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Successfully passed recyclability testing and is pre-qualified for curbside recycling in the US
  • Outstanding shelf presence with flat bottom for stability
  • Exceptional grease resistance
  • Fills on standard SOS filing equipment
  • HD flexographic printing
  • Excellent drop resistance
  • Up to 6.3 lb fill weight

Available Platforms

  • PRO-EVO recyclable AP:  all - paper construction, standard barrier
  • PRO-EVO Recyclable FL:  paper/film construction, higher moisture barrier

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