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Pet Food Packaging Pouches

ProAmpac's flexible pouches are the perfect packaging solution for wet or dry pet food and treats.

With custom shapes, sizes, and gusset options, brands can build the perfect pouch solution for their product. ProAmpac’s PRO-POUCH line includes custom closures and fitments that offer consumer convenience and enhanced food safety. From retort cat food to jerky dog treats – ProAmpac has an ideal pouch solution.


ProAmpac's high-performance pouches are ideal for dry food. We offer stand-up pouches, three-side seal pouches and custom shapes and sizes to boost your brand.  Closures and fitments allow for spill control, enhanced consumer convenience, and increased food safety.

Features include:

  • Customer convenience features:  Easy open, linear tear and reclosability
  • Zippers for dry or retort products
  • Fitments, caps and handle options
  • HD Flexo and Rotogravure Printing with Signature Surface Enhancements available
  • Customizable to fit your needs for shapes, gussets and seals, clear or foil, multiple compartments, stand-up or flat, minimizing seals and windows

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PRO-POUCH - Retort Packaging
PRO-POUCH - Retort Packaging

ProAmpac's high-performance pouches are ideal for retort applications like moist and semi-moist food. We offer three-side seal pouches and custom shapes and sizes to boost your brand.  Closures and fitments allow for spill control, enhanced consumer convenience, and increased food safety.

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ProActive Recycle Ready RT4000
ProActive Recycle Ready RT4000

Recycle Ready Retort RT-4000 is a patented polypropylene-based mono-material film that withstands aggressive retort conditions. Available in high and ultra-high barriers, RT-4000 runs on existing equipment while maintaining speed and performance. With an extended shelf life, RT-4000 is a recycle-ready alternative to foil-based packaging suited for pet and human food.

Retort Applications:

  • Wet Pet Food
  • Ready Meals
  • Rice and Rice Medleys

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ProActive PCR Retort
ProActive PCR Retort

ProActive PCR Retort pouches are a sustainable alternative to conventional retort options. These pouches contain up to 30%  Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR)  content by mass, reducing the use of virgin plastics. They also support the circular economy and are compliant with UK Plastics Packaging Tax (PPT). ProActive PCR Retort pouches provide the same filling efficiencies, shelf-life, and mechanical performance as standard retort pouches.

  • FDA and EU compliant for retort applications
  • Dimensional stability during high temperature processing
  • Excellent linear tear performance and flex crack/abuse resistance
  • Easy gusset opening for high-speed filling process

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ProActive Recyclable Pouches
ProActive Recyclable Pouches

Whether you are packaging dry food, treats, or other pet care products, ProAmpac offers a customized recyclable solution with our ProActive Recyclable® Pouches.

ProActive Recyclable® Pouches are designed to be a drop-in replacement for conventional films. Designed with unique performance characteristics, these pouches are available premade or as rollstock that has been proven to run at high speeds on form/fill/seal equipment.

Recyclable Options:

ProActive Recyclable R-2000D Series

R-2000D is a patent-pending polyethylene-based structure designed to replace conventional multi-material laminates. Available in standard, high barrier and ultra-high-barrier R-2000D extends the shelf-life of dry products. Both standard and high-barrier platforms have been tested and pre-qualified for polyethylene store-drop-off recycling.

R-2000D offers oustanding clarity, high drop resistance, excellent stiffness and dimpling resistance for a premium shelf appearance. It provides clean directional tear without the need for laser scoring. The R-2050D variant is available in both North America and Europe.

R-2100 offers the same great features of R-2000D with the addition of improved puncture resistance for treats or other products with harder edges.



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