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Everyone has their own idea of what "home" means, but when it comes to caring for the place you rest your head, all of us at ProAmpac share the same desire to perfectly package the products that keep consumers' castles clean.

  • Rollstock

    With the ability to package hard-to-hold products and chemicals such as alcohol, iodine, betadine, citric, fragrances, silicones, sodium hypochlorite, chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG), and other challenging ingredients; ProAmpac offers a broad range of rollstock films and premade pouch sizes and can fill order quantities from one to tens of millions. This allows us to serve various customer and market requirements.

  • Peel & Reseal Film

    Our Flexi & Flexi-Free™ films are available with pre-applied, die-cut peel and reseal labels. We've developed a range of Flexi & Flexi-Free films to accommodate packaging anything from normal (aqueous) to hard-to-hold products containing fragrances, alcohols or germ-killing disinfectants.

    Features include:

    • Unlimited variety of label sizes and shapes
    • Easy opening and closure for consumer convenience
    • Tamper-evident features available
    • Exciting graphic design possibilities with 10-color printing
    • Clear or white opaque labels available
    • Flexible or rigid styles available
  • Pouches

    Our PRO-POUCH® products deliver the innovative solutions your home care applications need. The ability to compact products is perfectly suited for liquid and dry detergents. Pouch options include fitments, closures, custom shapes and custom sizes. We design these spouts and closures to allow for spill control, convenience, and enhanced consumer experience.

    • Shaped Pouches
    • Spouted Pouches
    • Fitments & Closures

    Learn more about our expertise in pouching.

  • CRREO – Child Resistant Reclosable Easy Open Packaging

    Our CRREO child-resistant pouches have been used globally in various medical, clinical, agricultural, and consumer & personal home care applications.

    CRREO utilizes several patented features, including Slider-Guard™ child resistant slider, which is the first-ever child-resistant slider for flexible packaging. While it is difficult for children; it is very easy for adults to open.

    Click here for more information on our CRREO pouches.

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