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We understand that health and beauty consumers around the world can choose from a wide spectrum of products, each of which brings its own package requirements. Packaging in this market segment reaches a personal level of decision-making, enticing buyers with a premium experience to encourage repeat buying. Lotions, haircare, sun care, towelettes, hand sanitizer, soaps — whatever your need, our teams are ready to apply our broad range of capabilities to answer the call for everything from large runs to smaller sample sizes, unique packaging shapes and purpose-driven features.

  • CRREO – Child Resistant Reclosable Easy Open Packaging

    Our CRREO child-resistant pouches have been used globally in various medical, clinical, agricultural, cannabis, and consumer & personal home care applications.

    CRREO utilizes several patented features, including Slider-Guard™ child resistant slider, which is the first-ever child-resistant slider for flexible packaging. While it is difficult for children; it is very easy for adults to open.

    Click here for more information on our CRREO pouches.

  • Cosmetic Web

    Closely related to the Medical packaging industry is the Beauty Aid market known to use a specialized 5 ply structure called Cosmetic Web, often used to package liquid gels, soaps and creams. Along with its excellent barrier properties, the face material of the Cosmetic Web allows for the creation of vibrant colorful packages. These packages are often supplied to the hotel and travel industries.

    Cosmetic web is not only limited for use in the Beauty Aid market. Due to its excellent barrier and printing properties, this web is also currently used for various industrial, nutritional and food applications.

  • Easysnap

    We have engineered flexible top and semi-rigid bottom webs for the production and filling of Easysnap® unit-dose packaging. The top webs are flexible barrier laminations while the bottom webs are semi-rigid, polystyrene laminations. We can produce foil, Met PET or EVOH barriers to meet your packaging needs. The Easysnap package is a unique single-handed application format designed for a range of liquid and semi-solid skin care products.

    Easysnap® is a trademark registered by Easysnap Technology S.r.l.

  • Peel & Reseal Film

    Our Flexi & Flexi-Free™ films are available with pre-applied, die-cut peel and reseal labels. We've developed a range of Flexi & Flexi-Free films to accommodate packaging anything from normal (aqueous) to "hard-to-hold" products containing fragrances, alcohols or germ-killing disinfectants.

    Features include:

    • Unlimited variety of label sizes and shapes
    • Easy opening and closure for consumer convenience
    • Tamper-evident features available
    • Exciting graphic design possibilities with 10-color printing
    • Clear or white opaque labels available
    • Flexible or rigid styles available

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