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Meat & Seafood

Meat and Seafood products require flexible and durable packaging that can withstand inconsistent shapes and sharp edges. Offering puncture resistant flexible packaging, ProAmpac has worked for years developing film that performs for meat and seafood products.

  • BoneGuard

    BoneGuard is tough but flexible, allowing processors and packers added protection for their product.  Adding BoneGuard to your packaging procedure will both increase the quality and presentation of your finished product all whilst saving costs and decreasing leakers and spoilage.

    Extra bone protection means processers can use thinner, lighter bags, decreasing plastic usage without worrying about punctures and leakage.

    • A lower micron bag increases the shrinkage percentage
    • Greater drip and blood loss control
    • Enhancing presentation on the finished product
    • Reduces mold growth and darkening of the bone marrow
    • Finished product keeps the same freshness as the day it was packed.
  • Foam trays

    ProAmpac foam trays are designed for food packaging of meat, fish, poultry and other fresh produce.

    • The Regular and Processor grade trays provide a lower environmental impact compared to other packaging alternatives. These trays are recyclable in areas where polystyrene collection programs are in place.
    • AZURA® is a new generation of food trays with a minimum guaranteed of 50% recycled content. By replacing part of the raw materials with recycled material, AZURA® further reduces the environmental impact of polystyrene foam packaging and participates in the efforts toward a circular economy. 
    • Nature® foam trays are available in a limited number of models. They combine the advantages of the light-weight foam, with those of a bio-polymer; without using a large amount of renewable resources and are industrial compostable.
  • Food boards

    ProAmpac’s backing boards are produced to very tight specifications, resulting in products of exceptional quality, providing high standards of protection and eye appeal.  Besides providing attractive and protective packaging, our food boards also meet the strictest regulations concerning direct contact with foodstuffs and are subjected to rigorous bacteriological testing. This form of packaging is completely ecologically sound and furnishes high barriers to moisture and fats.

  • Frozen packaging

    ProAmpac’s frozen food packaging is engineered to endure the stress of cold chain distribution while still providing consumer appeal to the freezer case.  Offering film that can be formed into bags and pouches for frozen shrimp and salmon. 

  • Plastic Casings

    ProAmpac offers a range of custom plastic casings that are designed for shaping, cooking and presenting processed and cooked meat products. Our plastic castings come in reel or shirred format, plain or printed and with or without date coding. This product is exclusive to Ireland.

  • Vacuum Bags

    Vacuum bags are available to pack every type of food. From soft, thinly sliced ham, to products with rougher surfaces such as peppered mackerel, whole crab and other shellfish.  The film combinations are always specified to provide the optimum level of permeability and puncture resistance.

    • Cookable films provide the necessary temperature resistance for the required time period whether for pasteurisation, sterilising or retorting.
    • Materials are formatted for form-fill-seal and thermoform applications for all vacuum, MAP and cooking applications whether straightforward or more demanding.
    • Meet the highest demands for transparency, brilliance, aroma barriers and sealability, guaranteeing the shelf-life and presentation of the packaged products.

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