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Liquid Food & Beverage

We've developed flexible packaging solutions for almost any liquid food and beverage application. With diverse and widespread resources, we serve up the most appropriate solutions for your packaging and brand needs.

Soups, Sauces & Condiments

We answer your liquid food needs for both retail and institutional applications with retort pouches for soups and our condiment film for ketchup packets, single-serve dressings and hard-to-hold liquid food enhancements like hot sauce. Whether in rollstock or pouch format, our high-tech products give your brand the perfect solution with consistent performance and package integrity.

  • PacketLam™ Condiment Film

    We've engineered our condiment film to meet the needs of any condiment, especially those that require high-barrier materials.

    Features include:

    • Excellent barrier properties for oxygen and moisture
    • Abuse- and flex crack-resistant
    • Excellent cutability and sealability
    • Available in both foil and non-foil laminations
    • Improved line speed and reduced serum leakers
  • PRO-POUCH® Retort Pouches

    Our recloseable retort pouch features rotogravure-printed graphics and linear tear technology for straight and easy opening. We developed a unique zipper that withstands the stresses of the retort process and allows unused portions to be conveniently stored. Our retort pouch packaging is less than three percent of the weight of breakable glass, tremendously improving the product-to-package ratio and reducing the cost of shipping. We've created a clever flexible pouch that meets the technical challenge of incorporating recloseability and retortability, and employs materials and graphics that enhance packaging design for our customers.

    Learn more about our expertise in pouching.


  • Drink Packaging

    Our PRO-POUCH® line offers rollstock or converted pouches for beverage applications such as alcohol and hot-fill. Pouches can be assembled via adhesive or extrusion processes, with and without foil. We'll work with you to meet your product requirements, whether you need small single-use pouches or large-format, high-strength, multiple-use pouches.

    Features include:

    • Varying stiffness, offering a robust touch with strong seal attributes to ensure seal security
    • Superior organoleptic properties for cases where dryness, moisture and stale-fresh factors are considerations
    • Availability in white-opaque and clear (and of different thicknesses) to support your branding and product requirements

    Spouted Pouches

    We've developed pouch solutions with fitments and closures that meet the specifications for a variety of products. Our responsive teams can engineer these spouts and closures to allow for spill control, convenience and food safety, and can be applied to many different pouch design solutions.

    Shaped Pouches

    Our shaped flexible pouches can be formed to match brand, function and appeal for a range of packaging applications and markets. We can also include fitments, closures, valves, stand-up capabilities, retort applications and more — each with outstanding print graphics and quality performance.

    Learn more about our expertise in pouching.

  • Stick Pack

    Our team has helped make us the largest worldwide supplier of lightweight polyethylene-coated papers for the single-serve beverage market. We designed our PRO-TEAR stick pack to perfectly combine an easy-open laser scored feature with excellent barrier properties.

    Features include:

    • Laser scoring for easy-open
    • Excellent barrier properties
    • Stiffness properties for high-speed filling
    • Superior seal-through contaminate properties
    • FDA compliance for direct food contact

    Learn more about our expertise in Laser Score

  • Lidding Solutions

    The PRO-SEAL® line offers a dependable and permanent seal, custom-designed for specific applications. Our products feature foil-based and non-foil based packaging solutions with medium to high barrier characteristics. PRO-SEAL products also boast excellent seal-through contamination properties offered in die-cut and rollstock form.

    Learn more about our expertise in lidding.

  • Tea Packaging

    We're proud to be the leading supplier of envelopes and tags for tea packaging in North America and key global markets. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our teams, we've developed in-depth knowledge and expertise with every tea machinery format in use, as well as a wide variety of substrates, from paper to high-barrier laminates.

  • Coffee Packaging

    PRO-WRAP™ Coffee Bag Stock

    We've designed our paper-faced foil lamination especially for packaging ground coffee. Our bag stock can be faced with either bleached or natural paper.

    Features include:
    • Strong heat seals and low seal initiation temperature
    • Excellent barrier to flavor, oxygen and moisture
    • Sealant compatible with button valve sealing
    • Complies with FDA

    Metalized Coffee Packaging

    We manufacture our metalized coffee bags using triply-metalized adhesive laminated film, and design them for packaging five-plus ounces of ground coffee. What you get as a result is a bag that boasts an excellent lamination bond between the metalized layer and sealant film.

    Features include:
    • Exceptional caulk ability, gas barrier, seal and hot-tack properties
    • Outstanding barrier against oxygen and moisture
    • CONEG-compliant printing inks
    • FDA-approved resins

    Coffee Retail Bag

    Our coffee retail bag utilizes three-ply reverse-printed foil lamination designed for vertical form-fill-seal gusset bag applications. We end up with a high-quality barrier that preserves flavor and an excellent visual product that strengthens your brand.

    Features include:
    • Strong heat seals and low seal initiation temperature
    • An excellent barrier to flavor, oxygen and moisture
    • Superior product resistance to flavored coffees
    • FDA compliance

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