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RapTray™ combines a lightweight board with a high barrier film laminate. The carton-board provides strength and a quality print surface for your brand and the film seals in freshness.

  • Suitable for hot hold, chilled cabinet and freezing applications
  • Lightweight FSC-certified paper board
  • Available in fully hermetically sealed option to achieve <1% residual oxygen level
  • Microwavable option available
  • Easy-open design and large window for great product visibility 
  • Excellent branding opportunities and shelf impact 
  • Environmentally responsible with lighter materials 
  • Easy-to-use locking mechanism on DayFresh option
  • Available with EasyPeel technology to de-laminate film from board for convenient recycling in paper streams
  • The one-piece hinged lid design ensures base and lid remain attached while providing a secure seal to keep food fresh

Options available include:

  • Short Life 
    • Suitable for in-store fill operations
    • Suitable for a wide range of day life products including chilled meats, salads, and fruit salads
    • Anti-mist coating options available for product viewing windows
  • Mid-Life 
    • Suitable for machine fill and seal operations
    • Fresh to production +4 days subject to trial
    • Hot Cabinet versions available
    • Microwave and Oven safe options available
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) 
    • Suitable for machine fill and seal operations
    • Fresh to production +30 days subject to trial
    • World’s first hermetically sealed carton food tray 
      • <1% residual oxygen achievable for extended shelf life 
      • High barrier film for sealing in freshness and extended life 
    • Suitable for the chilled chain and freezing 
  • Different sizes available 

FibreRap is a two-part tray and lidding system. The shallow tray is made with a combination of film laminated to a special Thermaformable paper. The lidding film substrate is also a combination of film laminated to paper in a strip window format.  FibreRap is designed to run on Thermo-form-fill-seal (TFFS) machinery with no machine modifications necessary. 

  • Packs are suitable for ambient, chilled or frozen (down to –20° C) applications.


  • Residual O2 Levels <1% 
  • Heat sealed & gas flushed by available MAP machines 


  • Extended shelf life, depending on ingredients  
  • Excellent print and branding opportunities 
  • Easy opening 

SkinTray is a sustainable way of presenting your product in a pack that is lighter and more cost effective than other board skin trays on the market.

  • 94% less plastic than conventional plastic formats
  • Reduction in total packaging weight compared to current plastic and competing board formats
  • Paperboard from sustainable managed forests
  • Complies with OPRL guidelines for recyclability
  • Comparable shelf life to current plastic format
  • Validated to run on current production machinery

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