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As the world continues to shop online more and more, shipping materials need to keep pace. Our teams have developed numerous solutions for a variety of end uses. We'll work with you to determine the best answers for your shipping needs.

  • Envelopes and Padded Mailers

    We offer products ranging from simple, one-sided, poly-coated material for bubble mailers to multi-layer envelopes for more durable and water-resistant applications.

    Our poly-coated gold paper comes in three sizes. Our customers take this paper, apply the bubble and print in one-color black to produce either #0, #5 or #6 mailers. The #6 mailer (38" poly-coated paper) is a new size for ProAmpac. This larger mailer has been designed to replace smaller cartons, saving on freight costs.

  • Poly Mailers

    We designed our KeepSafe® versatile mailers to deliver the industry's most secure closure and quality bag construction. Made with our durable, coextruded polyethylene film, KeepSafe mailers resist punctures, tearing and water. These opaque plastic mailing envelopes withstand the rigors of shipping and handling, and help you save on postage and the expense of corrugated boxes.

    Shop Versatile Mailers

    Poly mailers

    • Immediate cost savings compared to corrugated boxes
    • Brand awareness: improved visual impact and marketing graphics compared to corrugated
    • Improved moisture barrier for protection of contents
    • Decrease in amount of void fill required
    • Reclaimed space in the warehouse
    • Opportunity for more packaging on conveyor belts
    • Reduced jamming of conveyor belts
    • More packages per pack out of transport truck

    In-stock, ready-to-ship mailers

    • Excellent opacity
    • Durable coextruded polyethylene
    • 100% recyclable
    • Recycled content film
    • Single Adhesive Mailers, white or gray (gray with anti-static release liner)
    • Dual Adhesive Mailers, white with anti-static release liner

    Custom mailers

    • Up to 8-color printing
    • Sizes up to 34" x 38" (W x L)
    • Optional dual tape for return
    • Merchandise-style mailers
    • Perforations for ease of opening
    • Anti-static release liner
    • Mailers on a wicket available for fulfillment centers, up to 19" x 24"
    • Preprinted rollstock for form-fill-seal applications available

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