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Secure and Tamper-Evident Packaging

Secure Transit

Secure chain of custody is critical for identification, authentication, and tracking of valuables in the supply chain. ProAmpac's bags can be used for various applications, such as pharmaceutical distribution and internal document transfer.

Clinical Paks
Clinical Paks

ProAmpac’s laboratory paks are designed for safely and securely expediting biological substances.  Laboratory paks have a leakproof closure and a perforation/score on the body of the bag for easy opening.  Custom printing allows company branding and bag usage instruction to be added easily.

Available with:

  • Sequential numbering, barcode and tear-off receipt
  • Dual pocket / 3 Wall bag design to separate document
  • Absorbent pad

Leak-Proof Bags
Leak-Proof Bags

KeepSafe Leak-Proof bags feature ProAmpac’s patented design and meet OSHA guidelines for a leak-proof transport system of hazardous materials like chemotherapy drugs.

Unique Features:

  • KeepSafe Secure adhesive closure
  • Patented leak-proof design
  • Unique film blend specifically for leak-proof applications
  • Meets OSHA guidelines of leak-proof transport system for hazardous materials:
    • Inverted leak test (5 minutes)
    • 165 gram dart drop (ASTM D 1709)
    • 480 tear test in both directions (ASTM D 1922)
  • Barcode and sequential numbers available
  • Easy to write on surface
  • External pocket for paperwork

Packing List Envelopes
Packing List Envelopes

ProAmpac’s packing list envelopes secure and protect documents, come in custom sizes and are barcode readable.  These envelopes come with a white release liner and will adhere to most surfaces.  Available with a zipper closure, a flap closure or custom packaging for retail outlets.

Patient Belonging Bags
Patient Belonging Bags

KeepSafe Patient Belonging Bags are the perfect solution for securing patients’ clothing, accessories, and valuables during their stay at your hospital or healthcare facility. These bags can be custom-made to the size and color that works best for your facility.

Unique Features:

  • KeepSafe Secure adhesive closure
  • Puncture, tear and water-resistant film
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Custom sizes available
  • Customized graphics available

Tamper-Evident Transport Bag
Tamper-Evident Transport Bag

KeepSafe® Tamper-Evident Transport Bags are used for the identification, authentication, and tracking of valuables in the supply chain. These bags can be used for a variety of applications, such as pharmaceutical distribution and internal document transfer.

Unique Features:

  • KeepSafe Ultra tamper-evident closure
  • Unique design provides a leak-resistant package and reduces pressure on the closure to help maintain packaging integrity when transporting heavy items or sending items through a rough shipping process
  • Complex design of side seals prevents side-breach and reseal attempts
  • Barcode and sequential number
  • Tear-off receipt with matching bag number
  • Durable coextruded film with easy to write on surface
  • Opaque film reduces the visibility to high value products


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