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Cohesive Packaging Solutions

ProAmpac’s cohesive materials feature a self-adhering coating that bonds to itself and not to the product being packaged. These cohesive materials are available in paper, film, film laminated to foam and paper laminated to foam.

Cohesive wrap is ideal for creating precisely sized mailers for books, catalogs and e-commerce products, plus hundreds of other items intended for home delivery. Available with or without perforations for easy opening and widely used with automated machines to rapidly pack your items.

Cohesive wrap is the perfect solution for interior packaging and storage protecting metal, wood, steel, painted or aluminum surfaces during shipping and can even be used to protect the bark of young trees during shipment.

Industries served:

  • Automotive
  • eCommerce
  • Furniture
  • Plant Nurseries
  • Soft and Hard Cover Books
  • General Packaging

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