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Perforation & Scoring

Perforating and scoring a package can provide a variety of attributes including easy-open functionality, faster filling speeds and extended shelf life for fresh foods. ProAmpac has redundant facilities that can use laser or mechanical means to score and perforate various flexible packaging products, including lightweight polyethylene-coated papers and extrusion laminations.


Laser scoring creates a highly controlled score depth that can maintain barrier properties while providing easy-open properties, such as for our PRO-TEAR® stick pack film.

Laser perforation penetrates the full depth of the package to create precise venting patterns used for premium frozen foods as well as for PRO-DURA® pet food bags. Perforations allow air to escape during filling, allowing faster filling speeds.

For extended shelf life, our AdaptMAP shelf-life extension system uses a precise laser perforation patterns to balance the respiration of fresh foods. Perforation patterns and sizes are varied for each product type to optimize shelf life.

ProAmpac uses hot needle perforation, cold needle perforation, or mechanical slitting to penetrate the packaging and allow air to escape during filling. Venting allows faster filling speeds and tighter packing when space is a premium, such as in the cold case. Mechanical perforation and venting are ideal for products that require little oxygen and moisture barrier such as frozen foods.


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