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Whether it's for fitness or health, people are looking to an improved diet as a way to take better care of themselves. Supplements, nutritional powders and shakes are popular options in this regard, and come in a wide variety of dry and liquid forms. We offer the wealth of packaging solutions you need to put your brand in the hand of the nutrition-minded consumer.

  • CRREO – Child Resistant Reclosable Easy Open Packaging

    Our CRREO child-resistant pouches have been used globally in various medical, clinical, agricultural, cannabis, and consumer & personal home care applications.

    CRREO utilizes several patented features, including Slider-Guard™ child resistant slider, which is the first-ever child-resistant slider for flexible packaging. While it is difficult for children; it is very easy for adults to open.

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  • Supplements

    Our flexible packaging options are ideal for catching the attention of consumers by providing the real estate you need to boldly convey your branding and messaging. Plus, the films that we've developed provide excellent barriers against moisture, drying and other conditions that affect quality and shelf life.


    Our PRO-POUCH films have been engineered to produce a reliable, superior stand up pouch, whether it's pre-made or form, fill and seal. We offer these pouches with fitments, closures, custom shapes and custom sizes. And we engineer the spouts and closures to allow for spill control, convenience, enhanced consumer experience and food safety.

    Shaped Pouches

    Our shaped flexible pouches can be formed to match brand, function and appeal for a range of packaging applications and markets. We can also include fitments, closures, valves, stand-up capabilities, retort applications and more — each with outstanding print graphics and quality performance.

    Spouted Pouches

    We've developed pouch solutions with fitments and closures that meet the specifications for a variety of products. Our responsive teams can engineer these spouts and closures to allow for spill control, convenience and safety, and can be applied to many different pouch design solutions.

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  • PRO-POUCH® Snap

    PRO-POUCH Snap is the first “stay open” pouch. The innovative pouch provides easy product access through the wide-mouth fitment opening, allotting for scooping of product. An audible “snap” signals when the patented fitment is fully engaged and closed. PRO-POUCH Snap provides a similar wide-mouth opening that a rigid container provides, but with the numerous benefits of the flexible pouch over rigid packaging.

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