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ProAmpac nutraceutical packaging provides high barrier solutions for products such nutrition supplements, nutrition bars, and flavor enhancers. We work with you to develop the perfect package for your brand that delivers the user experience and sustainability your customers demand.

Pouches - Rollstock & Premade
Pouches - Rollstock & Premade

Our PRO-POUCH laminations are optimized to protect your product and bolster your brand.  Designed to enhance the consumer experience, our pouches can be made in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can include fitments and reclose features to enhance the consumer experience.

Features and Benefits

  • Available with excellent chemical, light, moisture and oxygen barrier for product integrity
  • Award winning graphics
  • A variety of closures and spouts available, including child resistant reclose features
  • Sustainable options available including recyclable, PCR or compostable options
  • Available in premade pouches or rollstock for form/fill/seal applications

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Rollstock for Sachets, Stick Packs and Pouches
Rollstock for Sachets, Stick Packs and Pouches

Over-the-counter medicine, supplements, nutritional powders, and shakes come in various dry and liquid forms. ProAmpac offers flexible packaging solutions that are convenient for a variety of use applications including on-the-go. 

Features include:

  • Easy opening for an ideal consumer experience
  • Excellent barrier properties to preserve the product and reduce clumping
  • Ideal stiffness for high-speed filling applications
  • Superior sealability for powders

Cold Seal Film
Cold Seal Film

ProAmpac’s cold seal packaging technology allows you to fill and seal chocolate or energy bar wrappers without using heat that could deform the product, which helps to ensure minimal defects in the final product.  Cold seal runs faster than conventional heat seal and uses less energy.  Our high-speed laminators uses gravure cylinders to apply food-safe cold seal adhesive.  With accurate camera registration, you can expect consistent cold seal application to your rolls.

  • No melting issues for heat-sensitive products
  • No heat devices, which means less energy costs
  • Improved speeds for co-packing
  • Less spoilage and set-up on the packing line

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