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Medical Device

In the healthcare world, hygiene and sterility are top priorities for everyone, from a nurse practioner examining patients to a surgeon performing lifesaving procedures. Our packaging medical devices has been developed to meet stringent requirements for aseptic handling for everything from cotton-tip applicators to surgical gloves.


    As a leader in the foil pouch market, we're able to produce paper/poly/foil/poly structures with a wide range of sealant resins and coextrusion variations for use in the medical device packaging of materials such as electrodes and hand towelettes. We offer tandem extrusion, adhesive laminating, metalizing and printing capabilities. These structures can be simple three-ply laminations, or four-ply or five-ply multilayer substrates, and can be delivered with or without printing.

    Features include:

    • Strong seal attributes ensuring seal security
    • Superior organoleptic properties
    • Award-winning HD flexo printing capabilities

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