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ProAmpac Debuts New ProActive Sustainability® Products at Packaging Innovations

Feb 13, 2023 Press Releases
ProAmpac Debuts New ProActive Sustainability® Products at Packaging Innovations Group Image

CINCINNATI (13 Feb. 2023) ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging and material science, opens Packaging Innovations 2023 at stand N44 debuting new products from its ProActive Sustainability Portfolio: ProActive Recyclable® R-2050 and ProActive Post Industrial Recycled Content (PIR). Also, ProAmpac will showcase its new RAP product solutions that meet the 90/10 ratio of fibre to film target which allows for OPRL labelling as Recycle. Packaging Innovations takes place at the NEC in Birmingham 15 & 16 of February.

“We introduced ProAmpac’s flexible packaging capabilities at last year’s Packaging Innovations, and we are thrilled to be back,” states Adam Grose, chief commercial officer for ProAmpac. “Since then, ProAmpac has expanded our line of sustainable packaging products, including our ProActive Recyclable® and PIR solutions. We invite attendees to visit ProAmpac’s booth and meet our technical and commercial leadership team members to learn how we can support your sustainability goals,” continues Grose.  

ProActive Sustainability®

ProAmpac continues to build on its patent-pending high-performance mono-material ProActive Recyclable® R Series with ProActive Recyclable R-2050. The newest member of the ProActive Sustainability family, R-2050, is available in reel stock and pre-made pouches, with standard and high-barrier options to maintain or extend the shelf life of food products. Both platforms are widely recyclable in Europe through existing streams and OPRL compliant in the UK for front-of-store drop-off.

In addition to R-2050, ProAmpac will have ProActive PIR on display. Containing 30% polyethylene-based PIR, ProActive PIR reel stock film meets UK Plastic Packaging Tax guidelines for tax exemption and is OPRL compliant for front-of-store drop-off. All virgin material and film used to produce ProActive PIR film are EU food contact grade materials, which comply with Regulation (EU) No 10/2011 and have also undergone additional NIAS testing.

ProAmpac’s RAP Fresh Food To-Go Packaging

From deli sandwiches to hot wraps, ProAmpac’s fresh food to-go suite of products is designed for sustainability and built for performance. With a deep understanding of retailers’ commitments to sustainable packaging, ProAmpac strives to remove avoidable packaging and use the least amount of materials possible.

“In response to the Confederation of Paper Industries’ effort to reduce contamination in the paper waste stream from plastics, ProAmpac is pleased to offer their RAP solution. Comprised primarily of carton board, ProAmpac’s RAP products can have film linings that are easily removed from the packaging and meet the 90/10 ratio of fibre to film target for OPRL labelling as Recycle. Beyond meeting the 90/10 goal, ProAmpac is working towards 100% fibre packaging with their RecycAll packaging product. So far, RecycAll has been market tested for sandwich wedges, and soon, ProAmpac will be introducing trays for hot and cold food and grab bags for high-end sandwiches and bakery products. ProAmpac continues innovating to meet future legislation with a goal of 100% fibre packaging for food-to-go,” states Graham Williams, senior vice president, ProAmpac.

This packaging range includes Sandwich PacksHandRapsSoftPacks and Trays. On display at the show will be RecycAll Freshpack, ProAmpac’s award-winning all-fibre sandwich skillet. The modern format keeps food fresh and offers an elevated appearance in either a hot cabinet or a chiller. Also, by weight, the largest component of ProAmpac’s food to-go packaging is paperboard and paper sourced from well-managed forests, which is widely recyclable in fibre streams. ProAmpac’s food to-go packaging solutions are 2023 OPRL 90/10 compliant.

Visit ProAmpac at Packaging Innovations, Birmingham, UK, stand N44, 15-16 February 2023.  Contact Marketing@ProAmpac.com Or visit ProAmpac.com to learn how ProAmpac can help you meet your sustainable packaging goals.

About ProAmpac
ProAmpac is a leading global flexible packaging company with a comprehensive product offering, providing creative packaging solutions, industry-leading customer service and award-winning innovation to a diverse global marketplace. ProAmpac’s approach to sustainability – ProActive Sustainability® – provides innovative sustainable flexible packaging products to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. We are guided in our work by five core values that are the basis for our success: Integrity, Intensity, Innovation, Involvement and Impact. Cincinnati-based ProAmpac is owned by Pritzker Private Capital along with management and co-investors. For more information, visit ProAmpac.com or contact Media@ProAmpac.com.

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