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ProAmpac Showcases New High-Performance Recyclable Packaging at AFFI-CON

Feb 24, 2023 Press Releases
ProAmpac Showcases New High-Performance Recyclable Packaging at AFFI-CON Group Image

CINCINNATI (Feb. 24, 2023) – ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging and material science,  opens AFFI-CON at Booth 106, emphasizing its ProActive Recyclable packaging innovation. Shining a spotlight on ProAmpac’s sustainable solutions, specifically its patent pending high-performance laminated films R-2000F and R-2000S, and its new paper based RP-1000.

“ProActive Recyclable is ProAmpac’s hallmark high-performance, recyclable matieral series, filling the market gap in high-performance recyclable packaging. These innovative products are helping brands achieve their sustainability commitments while providing consumers with the sustainable packaging they demand.” stated Charles Golub, business product manager for ProAmpac. “We invite the frozen-food community to visit us and learn more about how ProAmpac’s Recyclable high-performance materials can help brands achieve their sustainability goals,” said Golub.

Featured at AFFI-CON will be:

ProActive Recyclable R-2000F
Engineered to maintain machine efficiencies on high-speed form/fill/seal lines, ProActive Recyclable R-2000F is a polyethylene-based laminated structure designed for excellent performance in cold temperature conditions. Compared to standard surface printed films, its enhanced stiffness and scuff-resistance offers outstanding display characteristics in the freezer case, boosting brand differentiation while supporting sustainable messaging. 

ProActive Recyclable R-2000F can be supplied with a pre-applied recyclable Inno-Lok® zipper. Ideal for running on high-speed vertical or horizontal form/fill/seal equipment, R-2000F is also available in pre-made pouch format. For additional differentiation in the freezer case, gloss or Signature Surfaces Registered Matte finish options are available.

ProActive Recyclable R-2000S
A innovative polyethylene-based film, ProActive Recyclable® R-2000S fulfills the market need for a recyclable packaging option that withstands the demands of a microwav e heating environment. ProActive Recyclable R-2000S is a patent-pending film designed to run on high-speed form/fill/seal equipment and is pre-qualified for store drop-off recycling.

ProActive Recyclable RP-1000
RP-1000 is the first in a series of curbside recyclable paper-based packaging solutions that are heat-sealable with good moisture barrier and excellent directional tear properties.  An ideal replacement for non- sustainable conventional multi-material laminates, RP-1000 is suited for frozen food applications such as ready-to-eat meals and vegetables. Pre-qualified for curbside recycling, RP-1000 can be recycled in both paper and mixed streams. 

RP-1000 series are available in rollstock, stand up, and three-side seal pouch formats. Using ProAmpac’s award-winning high definition (HD) flexographic printed graphics, RP-1000 is available in natural kraft or bleached versions for brand elevation and customization. 

To set up a meeting during the AFFI-CON show or to learn how ProAmpac’s frozen food team can help you, please get in touch with Marketing@ProAmpac.com or visit ProAmpac.com/Frozen.

About ProAmpac
ProAmpac is a leading global flexible packaging company with a comprehensive product offering, providing creative packaging solutions, industry-leading customer service and award-winning innovation to a diverse global marketplace. ProAmpac’s approach to sustainability – ProActive Sustainability® – provides innovative sustainable flexible packaging products to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. We are guided in our work by five core values that are the basis for our success: Integrity, Intensity, Innovation, Involvement and Impact. Cincinnati-based ProAmpac is owned by Pritzker Private Capital along with management and co-investors. For more information, visit ProAmpac.com or contact Media@ProAmpac.com.

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