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Delivery, Carry Out, Catering and Tamper-Evident Bags

New trends and technology are changing the foodservice industry, and customers have more options than ever. ProAmpac can help you make a positive impression—whether in the store or at the door.

Foodservice is more about service than ever before. Customers are expecting higher quality, more choices, and more expediency. For the increasing number of people using app-based technology and third-party services, the delivery experience may be one of the only touchpoints you share directly with your customers.

Companies benefiting from the boom in off-premise dining are doing it with sustainable bags that elevate the customer experience while maintaining food integrity and presentation through the third-party delivery process.

  • Tamper-Evident
    • Our tamper-evident adhesive strip ensures peace-of-mind for both customers and proprietors, with no folding and no stickers needed.
  • Convenient & Capable
    • Easy to load without spillage, these rigid-walled, square and flat bottomed bags provide high capacity and an organized presentation for customers.
  • Market Your Brand
    • More than just a bag—it’s a marketing tool! Print brand messaging and engage with customers via rewards clubs, on-line ordering, or coupons.

Large Format Catering Bags

ProAmpac's large format catering bags made to fit your needs. Features include:

  • Customizable sizes to fit any container
  • Square bottom with board to prevent tipping or spilling
  • Easier to fold and dispose of than a box
  • Durable and thick to hold heavy weight

Contact a sales representative to discuss in detail your specific packaging needs.

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