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CRREO – Child Resistant


CRREO – Child Resistant Reclosable Easy Open Packaging

Our CRREO child-resistant pouches have been used globally in various medical, clinical, agricultural and consumer & personal home care applications.

CRREO utilizes several patented features, including Slider-Guard™ child resistant slider, which is the first-ever child-resistant slider for flexible packaging. While it is difficult for children; it is very easy for adults to open.

The CRREO pouch material cannot be torn and has gone through exhaustive testing with children and adults under the testing requirements of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act and has been approved by the CPSC and EPA under the classification of ASTM D3475-08, Type XIA.

Available options:

  • Pouches ranging from 8.5” x 6” up to 13.5” x 9” with a 2” gusset
  • Clear or opaque unprinted
  • Custom printed with up to 10 colors of high definition graphics
  • Multiple pouch formats including flat and stand-up
  • Laser score option for tamper evident tear off

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