ProActive Sustainability

Sustainability of Flexible Packaging

Less Waste in the First Place®

Flexible packaging provides many consumer conveniences including; easy storage, reclosability, extended shelf life, microwavability, portability, helps get all the product out of the package, takes up less space and reducing breakage especially for e-commerce.

Sustainable benefits include:

Reduces Impact in Manufacturing and Distribution

  • Consumes less energy and fewer natural resources
  • Generates less CO2 emissions
  • Results in higher product to package ratio
  • Requires fewer trucks for transportation, using less fuel and creating less emissions

Provides many consumer conveniences:

  • Extended shelf life
  • Easy storage
  • Microwaveable
  • Recloseable

Smaller Environmental Footprint

Energy consumption and environmental impact during transportation is greatly reduced.

Truckloads needed to transport packaging for equal amounts of product

Uses Less Resources

*Examples of packaging needed to package 60 pounds of beverage

Source: Data is from the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA)
Less Waste in the First Place® is a trademark of the FPA