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ProAmpac and Syndego Honored with AIMCAL 2022 Product of the Year Award

May 10, 2022

CINCINNATI (May 10, 2022) – ProAmpac, a leader in flexible packaging and material science, joined with Syndego to celebrate receiving the AIMCAL 2022 Product of the Year Award for their innovative insulation supplement featuring phase change materials (PCM) branded QE Platinum.

“The AIMCAL Awards are an industry staple, and ProAmpac is honored to be recognized as a 2022 Product Award of the Year recipient. This honor, and our partnership with Syndego, are testaments to collaborative innovation and ProAmpac’s material science expertise for technology advancements,” said Adam Grose, ProAmpac’s chief commercial officer.

Enhancing Traditional Insulation Techniques with PCMs

“These novel mats required a deep understanding of elementary thermodynamics to ensure ProAmpac’s advanced material science could generate a product that is efficient and sustainable. By combining a foil surface with a radiant barrier ProAmpac’s material science team not only met the thermal resistance (R) requirements, but they also created a reliable material to support the 20-year life expectancy for QE Platinum as a supplemental insulation material,” states Robert Flaherty, ProAmpac’s director of product development.

QE Platinum is a patented, quilted mat that contains proprietary PCMs and multi-layer film with a foil surface to supplement traditional insulation methods. By placing QE Platinum over top of traditional insulation, the quilted mat regulates internal climate by proving zero heat flow conditions even when larger temperature differences exist. The ability to regulate when heat is stored and released helps to maintain an ideal temperature throughout the day and creates less dependency on climate control measures like HVAC or forced heating.

“When we approached ProAmpac with our vision for a disruptive PCM based temperature control product for the insulation industry, we understood the challenges would require outstanding sustainable material sciences capability, and human assets that shared our vision.  With ProAmpac we got that, and more. We look forward to expanding our market for current products and together with ProAmpac’s Collaborative Innovation Process, launching new products in the near future,” said Gary Gray of Syndego.

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