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Assessing the State of the Flexible Packaging Industry in 2020

Apr 3, 2020

By Cory Francer:  editor-in-chief, Packaging Impressions

Consumer trends driving demand for pouches, shrink sleeves, and other flexible packaging formats remain healthy, prompting brand owners to move many of their products out of rigid containers and into flexible alterna­tives. Graphic design possibilities have never been richer. Innovations abound in printing, converting, and film man­ufacturing technologies, and the economic returns from producers’ investments in them continue to be strong.

[…]Progress by all the yardsticks that count — techno­logical capability, creative ingenuity, market responsive­ness, and sustainable awareness — marks the present state of the flexible packaging industry as vigorous and enthu­siastic. As Grose says of ProAmpac, “We have not slowed down our capital investments. We’re not slowing down.”

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