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Who would want to be rigid when they can be flexible?

Mar 19, 2021

Did you know that reducing is the first action to take when trying to reduce the environmental impact of packaging? Moving from rigid materials like metal cans and glass bottles to flexible packaging and pouches is a great first step to use the least amount of packaging while shipping the largest amount of product.

There are many advantages of moving to flexible packaging as it creates less footprint and uses less resources. Other advantages include:

  • Consumes less energy and fewer natural resources
  • Generates less CO2 emissions
  • Results in higher product to package ratio
  • Requires fewer trucks for transportation, using less fuel and creating less emissions
  • Provides many consumer conveniences including:  extended shelf life, easy storage, microwaveable, recloseable

Find out how we can help you take your rigid containers to a more sustainable flexible package. Look for our rigid to flex webcast coming soon!