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ProAmpac presents at Plastic Pouches

May 9, 2022

Sal Pellingra vice president global application and innovation development presents "Market Trends and Innovation in Pouching" at Plastic Pouches May 10-12 at the World Trade Center in Barcelona, Spain.

Together with Mespack, we have co-created several customer developments in order to bring innovative and award-winning pouch applications to the market.  We will present a variety of these key solutions, including the transition from rigid to flexible packaging, with the development of a novel and appealing spouted pouch.  This flexible spouted pouch is a portable e-commerce solution to current glass packaging that does not have a dispensing solution and addressing the market trends of:  product waste reduction, improvement of dispensing accuracy and the shipment of more products with less packaging.

Visit us at Plastic Pouches or in our Collaboration & Innovation Center to see how we can collaborate with you on all of your flexible packaging needs.