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Specialty Closures

When it comes to ensuring your product is protected - it takes more than the material, closing the packaging matters too.  From press-to-close options to specialty closures, ProAmpac can meet a variety of flexible packaging needs.

  • E-Z ZIP®

    The Smart and Innovative Design of E-Z Zip. So Simple. So Smart.

    E-Z ZIP Recloseable Pouches feature a unique pull-tab opening that allows consumers to pull away a thin tear strip on the front of a flexible pouch to access the recloseable zipper. The package zipper can then be pulled open to dispense the product and pressed closed to reseal the bag.

    Features include:

    • Zipper closure is accessible without having to tear off or damage the header
    • A simple way to open packages without causing ragged tears, damaging the zipper, or requiring scissors to cleanly open the top of a pouch
    • Packaging design and branding are able to remain within the header
    • Improved filling and production efficiencies – filling through the unsealed pouch opening as if there were no zipper in place

    ProAmpac offers INNO-LOK pre-zippered film. This rollstock has a transversely attached re-closable zipper and provides the flexibility to run both reclosable and regular material on packaging lines without any changes to existing equipment.

    INNO-LOK pre-zippered film running on conventional FFS packaging equipment is comparable to conventional non-zippered films

    • No reduction in processing speeds
    • No increase in scrap or waste
    • No increase in set-up time

    Features include:

    • Shelf differentiation
    • Increased operating flexibility
    • Improved consumer experience with integrated reclose feature
    • No tearing of the header, maintaining full package graphics
    • Little to no capital investment needed on current VFFS equipment
  • POUR & LOK™

    ProAmpac offers POUR & LOK™ pre-zippered film. This rollstock uses a re-sealable side gusseted design to create a unique pour spout and runs on Vertical Form/Fill/Seal (VFFS) packaging machines to provide higher production rates, no reduction in processing speeds, less scrap and less down time.

    Features include:

    • Press-to-close, foldable closure applied to film in side gusset for easy open
    • Large openings for scoopable products
    • Closure placement is offset to the side of the film to allow the package to travel through the VFFS machine with the closure at the top of the package
    • Perforation and additional seal required on VFFS machine
  • Hook-to-Hook Closure

    The self-mating hook-to-hook closure is designed specifically for easy opening and reclosure, precise alignment is not required. Being made from food-grade, heat-sealable polyethylene material, designed to be sealed on film, these closures are ideal for a variety of dry foods and pet treats packaging options.

    Features include:

    • Easy-open and resealable
    • Rigid grips facilitate opening
    • Precise alignment of zipper not required
    • Minimal pressure to close
    • Contaminant-resistant
    • Readily seals through powders and fine particles
    • Allows for numerous openings and closings

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