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Soups, Sauces & Condiments

We answer your foodservice needs with retort pouches for retail, institutional applications for sauce and condiments and our condiment film for ketchup packets, single-serve dressings and hard-to-hold liquid food enhancements like hot sauce. Whether in rollstock or pouch format, our high-tech products give your brand the perfect solution with consistent performance and package integrity.

  • PacketLam™ Condiment Film

    We've engineered our Condiment Film to meet the needs of any condiment, especially those that require high-barrier materials.

    Features include:

    • Excellent barrier properties for oxygen and moisture
    • Abuse- and flex crack-resistant
    • Excellent cutability and sealability
    • Available in both foil and non-foil laminations
    • Improved line speed and reduced serum leakers
  • Retort Pouches

    Our recloseable retort pouch features rotogravure-printed graphics and linear tear technology for straight and easy opening. We developed a unique zipper that withstands the stresses of the retort process and allows unused portions to be conveniently stored. Our retort pouch packaging is less than three percent of the weight of breakable glass, tremendously improving the product-to-package ratio and reducing the cost of shipping. We've created a clever flexible pouch that meets the technical challenge of incorporating recloseability and retortability, and employs materials and graphics that enhance packaging design for our customers.

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