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Short Run Capability

Small Run Capability:

ProAmpac specializes in small run capability for new product introductions and specialty packaging applications.

  • Can be as little as one pouch; flat, gusset, zipper, or spouted
  • ProAmpac will work with you to meet all your production requirements, no matter what the order size.

Get To Market in 3-4 weeks

Whether it’s a new product introduction or an increase in seasonal demand, we understand that time to market is critical. ProAmpac’s Rapid Response Program and small-run capability ensures that we meet your special requirements and expedited timeframes.

Rapid Response Materials:

Part Number Item Structure Overall Barrier
P13320 60 GA BON/15 White PE/3F/4.5 mil COEX High
P13002 60ga BON/ White PE/.285F/PE/1.75 EVA High
P13477 BON/PE/EVOH COEX Medium
The materials listed above are typically held in inventory and are listed top to bottom from most cost-effective to most costly.

Rapid Response Lead Times:

  • No print – flat pouch with or without zipper: 3-4 weeks
  • No print - stand-up pouch with or without zipper: 3-4 weeks
  • New art printed - flat and stand-up pouches with or without zipper: 4 weeks from approved art
  • Repeat art printed - flat and stand-up pouches with or without zipper: 3-4 weeks


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