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The Rosenbloom Groupe is a third generation, privately owned family business that has been proudly producing paper bags since 1939. Over the years we have expanded our product offering and print capabilities. We currently produce grocery bags, sacks, notion bags, liquor bags, pharmacy bags, french fry bags, grease resistant bags, and hardware bags.

As our customer's needs have changed, so have we. We are proud to offer a variety of substrates that meet the demands of our evolving customer base. We now produce our bags from paper with a variety of recycled content ranking from virgin material to 100% recycled with varying post-consumer content. We offer bleached paper, grease resistant paper and wet strength as well. We will always work with our customers to help determine which paper will work best for their application.


Square bottom for easy fill, these bags are timeless in style and functionality. Available in sizes from #1/2 to #20 and in standard basis weights of DD30 and DD35 – Both Kraft and bleached paper available.

A staple in the Supermarket world, these large, sturdy, square bottom bags are made to last and get you and your groceries home safely. Available in basis weights from DD50 to DD70.

  • Available in 1/6 BBL and 1/8th BBL sizes
  • Kraft paper
  • Custom graphics to promote your brand or special message

The perfect pinch bottom bag for cards and other small retail items. These slim profile bags come in a variety of sizes. Standard Basis weight DD30. Both Kraft and bleached paper available.

Our liquor bags are tailor made to carry just one bottle of wine for a quiet evening at home, or multiple bottles for that big party. In basis weights DD40-DD60 our bags will protect your precious cargo. Available plain or with custom printing.

A uniquely designed double wall bag using bleached grease resistant paper inside and kraft paper outside. This blend of substrates keeps the mess on the inside and offers the appearance of a regular grocery bag outside. Single wall grease-resistant bags are also available for use as French Fry bags. Custom printing is available.

As pharmaceutical products proliferate, so too does the need to carry these various products. The pharmacy bag is a simple, effective tool for transporting and advertising. Predominantly bleached paper.

These bags incorporate our square bottom grocery bags with specific substrate requirements and very often, a superior print to capture the brand and help advertise our customer’s image.

We are pleased that we now have the capability to produce both #6 and Notion Paper Bag with a “Promotional Coupon Attachment”. The “Coupon” allows for direct marketing to each individual customer and offers instant promotional value at point of sale. Promote your business by giving your customers an incentive to return.

With a multitude of uses from table toppers to wrapping fragile items, kraft rolls are very versatile. Available in many lengths and basis weights and in both kraft and bleached paper.

Ideal for keeping meat and other food fresh in the freezer and for absorbing the mess associated with fresh meat. These poly-coated and treated rolls are a big seller, especially during hunting season and the Holidays.

Affordable, Promotional Paper Bags provide superb brand visibility and growth. Build your image with every purchase with Custom Paper Bags.

Please feel free to contact us with your special needs. Our sales representatives will assist you in designing the right bag to enhance your business, reduce your costs and build your brand.

Printing Capabilities

Rosenbloom Groupe prints using a 4 color in-line Flexographic printing process. Our printing plates are made from photopolymer.  Our art department works in tandem with our customers to help develop and refine their designs to create some of the best looking bags on the market.  Our printing suggestions have also saved our customers time and money, offering choices that the customer never knew existed. We print using only water based inks that are FDA/CFIA approved for indirect food contact.

Rosenbloom Groupe products are compliant with California Proposition 65 (Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986) in that they do not contain any toxic or cancer causing chemicals.



All of our bag bundles are sealed and closed on all sides for quality assurance, cleanliness and safety. Dust and other contaminants from warehouse storage are eliminated and bags are clean for any indirect food contact. Our pallets are also shrink wrapped for sanitation and for easier and safer shipping.

Bag Facts

Did you know?

  • One-third of the raw material used to make paper in North America is residue. Wood chips and scraps left over from forest and sawmill operations. These scraps would probably be burned or discarded if not used by the paper industry. Another third of the raw material is recovered paper. Although some papers contain 100 percent recycled fiber, papermakers ofter combine various amounts of recycled and new fiber to produce the desired quality and grade of paper.
  • Only about one-third of the fiber used to make paper in North America is from whole trees. It is not considered economical to use large logs for paper when they could instead be used for lumber. For this reason, only trees smaller than 8 inches in diameter, or larger trees not suitable for solid wood products, typically are harvested for papermaking.
  • Over 2 1/2 billion trees are planted in the U.S. each year. The forest community plants over 1 1/2 billion of these trees; that's an average of 4 million new trees planted every day by the forest community. Millions more trees re-grow from seeds and sprout naturally. In fact, there are more trees in the U.S. today than there were 70 years ago.
  • Paper bags are biodegradable, recyclable and fully compostable. Paper is a naturally sustainable resource. It originates from the ground as trees and can be returned to the ground as compost after mulitple uses.

Rosenbloom Groupe has committed itself to preserving our Earth and this can be seen in every facet of our manufacturing process.

Most of our paper is railed in via train which significantly reduces the amount of fuel used to transport our raw material. Each rail car is equivalent to about 4 trucks.

A majority of our paper has a mid-to high level of recycled content with various percentages of post consumer recycled content. This means reusing the existing paper that’s out there to give it a second life.

Our inks are all water based and FDA/CFIA approved for indirect food contact.

Our adhesives are all starch based and also FDA/CFIA approved for indirect food contact.

Rosenbloom Groupe has a zero waste policy. All waste associated with the manufacturing of our bags is baled and sold to recyclers, who in turn, use this furnish to make new products.

We work closely with our customers to offer solutions for reduced packaging for their end product which also increases the amount of product per shipment and ultimately reduces the number of trucks shipped and the amount of fuel used.

Rosenbloom Groupe's facility is audited & Certified by NSF Cook & Thurber each year for Product Safety, Quality and Food Defense against the standards and guidelines of current Good Manufacturing Practices, Codex/NACMCF HACCP and Best Industry Practices.

In addition, we are also audited by ASI Food Safety Consultants every year for Product Safety, Quality and Food Defense against the standards and guidelines of current Good Manufacturing Practices, Codex/NACMCF HACCP and Best Industry Practices.

The Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism is a voluntary supply chain security program led by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and focused on improving the security of private companies' supply chains with respect to terrorism. Our shipments have been certified C-TPAT since 2009.

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Tel: (514) 748-7711
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