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High-definition flexographic printing has evolved rapidly in the past decades and our world-class operations have invested in the latest technologies which can showcase up to 10 colors. Our advanced ink technologies can be applied either via surface print with enhanced scuff resistance or via reverse print then laminating. HD flexographic printing allows various run sizes while offering exceptional product quality, providing you with a quality product at a competitive cost.

Advancements in HD flexographic printing have enabled excellent registration on small process print, resulting in crisper fine print and consistently high-quality color spread. ProAmpac also utilizes both solvent- and water-based printing technology to allow greater flexibility in product design.

Our gravure capability enables high-density ink, fade-to-zero vignettes, and excellent registration for photo-realistic images. Our vertical integration allows us to print, laminate, pouch and spout within ProAmpac. So when your product calls for a flexible pouch with high-quality rotogravure print, we'll be happy to help put together the solution your brand deserves.

UV printing and coating use ultraviolet light to dry ink as it is printed. When UV ink is applied to a surface, specially designed UV lights follow closely behind, curing the ink instantly which allows for a high gloss, durable, and scuff-resistant design.

Our UV printing delivers brilliance and appeal with graphics that pop off your package, delivering a "wow" factor to consumers. At the same time, your product benefits from superior resistance to weather and sun fade in the harshest outdoor storage environments, such as distribution facilities and home & garden centers.

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ProAmpac’s digital capabilities serve both the European and North American markets with short print runs with low minimum order quantities for rollstock and pre-made pouches and bags. This innovative technology enables faster launch of new products, facilitates limited edition print runs and allows customers to print elaborate and intricate designs. In addition, there are no setup or plate costs so it is a perfect solution for small to medium brands and those who need a quick turnaround. As volumes increase, ProAmpac has the capability to switch from digital to flexo print.

Offset lithographic offers exceptionally high print quality best suited for medium to lower run-size quantities. Our offset capabilities are engineered with unique ink emulsion parameters to ensure the highest quality product. Our ink formulations are highly engineered to ensure your brand is shown with premium image quality.


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