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Moisture Protect MP-1000

The ProActive Intelligence Moisture Protect (MP-1000) platform is a patent-pending technology that adsorbs moisture and eliminates the need for desiccant packets. It is engineered with high moisture adsorbing capacity to improve preservation and shelf life of highly sensitive moisture products while reducing product loss. MP1000 lowers the moisture level in the packaging headspace, making it ideal solution for applications that require optimal moisture control, such as point-of-care diagnostic kits, live culture probiotics, and hygroscopic powdery food products.


Features and benefits:

  • Actively absorbs moisture in the headspace while preventing moisture ingress for improved product stability
  • Very high moisture capacity for extended functionality
  • Offers a range of benefits, such as removing sachets, reducing downtime, improving product quality/texture by avoiding clumping, and minimizing product waste by extending shelf life
  • Customizable capacity optimized for storage and product requirements
  • Designed with excellent seal characteristics and performs on existing filling equipment


  • Premade pouches with a foil barrier layer
  • Rollstock with a foil barrier layer for stick pack applications


  • Point-of-care Diagnostics
  • Probiotics and live cultures
  • Drug Delivery – nebulizers, oral doses, transdermal patches
  • Hydroscopic powders - reduced clumping


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