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ProAmpac Receives ISCC Plus Certification at its Grimsby, UK location

Nov 22, 2021 Press Releases
ProAmpac Receives ISCC Plus Certification at its Grimsby, UK location  Group Image

GRIMSBY, UK (October 22, 2021) – ProAmpac, formerly Ultimate Packaging, a global leader in flexible packaging, announced today their Grimsby, UK facility received the International Sustainability Carbon Certification Plus (ISCC Plus), a global sustainability certification system which  supports the tracking of chemically recycled polymers and bio-based polymers through the supply chain.

The ISCC Plus certification allows ProAmpac to provide support documentation confirming their customers are receiving ISCC certified chemically recycled resin or bio-based resin products.  Both chemically recycled resins as well as the addition of bio-based resins provide another layer of sustainability for flexible packaging produced at the ProAmpac Grimsby location, further reducing the need for virgin plastic resin. These advanced recycled polymers are the only current post-consumer feedstock derived from post-consumer waste with the same purity and quality as virgin plastics available for food packaging in Europe.

According to Jeremy Hodson, Managing Director of ProAmpac’s Grimsby facility, “The ISCC Plus certification for our facility means at every stage the sustainable materials have been accounted for, and traced through all stages of production. When the customer sees the ISCC Plus logo, they are reassured that the packaging we provide has the actual sustainable polymer content accounted for utilizing a mass balance system.”

The ISCC Plus certification process includes a third-party system that audits for the correct systems, weight and waste to certify that the claims made for a particular product are true. The ISCC Plus logo is a symbol of a viable sustainable certificate that supports the circular economy with a traceable supply chain for compliance.

Lynsey Maddison, ProAmpac Technical Manager, said, “The ISCC Plus certification is the preferred system for controlling recycled content material. With the limited supply of chemically recycled polymers today, polymer suppliers prefer to sell only to ISCC Plus certified companies which helps us get these new, more sustainable products to market much faster for our customers.”

This certification further bolsters ProAmpac’s ProActive Sustainable product offerings and our commitment to heling brand owners and retailers meet their sustainable commitments. 

Established in 2015, ProAmpac has grown to 48 sites globally, with more than 5,800 employees supplying more than 5,000 customers in 90 countries. Such expansion has been accompanied by increased recognition by and certifications from multiple global authorities, such as International Organization for Standardization (ISO); GFSI’s,  SQF and BRC food certifications, as well as other organizations. The full list of quality certifications appears on the ProAmpac website.

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